Thousands of Free LEGO Building Instructions!

In addition to the free LEGO magazine, which deserves a spot in the Freebie Hall of Fame at this point, LEGO also offers monthly free mini builds instructions. These guides are simple, easy guides for children ages 6+. With only a handful of generic pieces, you'll learn how to build a frog, truck, airplane, or something similar.

Make sure to save the free LEGO guides each month! You can download a .pdf of the guide only during the month it's free. Then you're unable to access it after the month ends!

However, the real gem is this free LEGO instructions database, where you can search and download thousands of free LEGO guides! Their database has instructions going back to 1989, back when I was first building LEGOs! There's all sorts of cool stuff in here and while many of the large sets have unique pieces, you can build a lot of stuff with just a random box of LEGO pieces. You can search by topic or, more easily IMHO, object. I found over 60 cool guides for “helicopter” and “boat.” There were over 250 instructions for “car!”

Jobs or tasks are other good searches. “Police” returned 160 free guides for all sorts of cops & robbers toys. Meanwhile, “Fire” gave me 156 free fire-fighting builds to download. Trademarks are the last great search. “Star wars” has 503 free LEGO guides. “Potter” returned 67 wizarding toys. You get the idea!

I'll admit, I still have a box or two of LEGOs still lying around! I can't wait to build some of these old school LEGO designs, even if the colors might be slightly off πŸ˜€ If this sounds fun to you or your kids, be sure to check out all the free LEGO guides!