Free Nexcare Bandages

It's been a while since we've seen any free Nexcare bandages. They regularly gave them away in the summer from 2010-2015, but now all I can find are some free Nexcare coupons.

Wait, I lied, I also found some old jokes from before!

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, which has to be the least fun world holiday out there. Giving blood is something I used to do regularly before I went through chemo and I miss it. Well, I miss the cookies and responding with “because I gave blood!” whenever people sneeringly asked why I napped that afternoon. My consolation is still qualifying for free Nexcare Give bandages. They might not taste as good as cookies, but if you're eating them you probably shouldn't be donating blood in the first place.

Trying to type this free Nexcare bandage offer on a phone is like trying to explain to my grandpa how to record a show on his DVR. It's tedious, ends in failure, and somebody will be drinking hard liquor by noon.

We're down to 20,000 free Nexcare waterproof bandages right now, so get moving. Or as the video says “don't just apply an ordinary dressing, apply science!” You heard the random voiceover lady! The next time you get a cut, apply science to it by…I don't know. Stick a Mentos in it and pour coke on top?

Ohhh, what a sneaky game 3M plays with us. They say these free Nexcare Give bandages are to raise awareness for the seriousness of donating blood, but I know what they're really up to. Sure, that's the perfect cover for a freebie giveaway, but it's also the perfect diversion for a paper product company that causes millions of paper cuts every year. Paper cuts so bad they require a blood transfusion. All stemming from a paper company like … 3M!

Na, seriously, please donate blood if you can. I still can't because of my chemo and I miss doing it.

Here's a fun game I like to play with freebies similar to these free Nexcare bandages. After receiving the sample, see how long you can go without accidentally cutting yourself and requiring the usage of said sample. My current record is 18 seconds.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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