Free Nivea Samples

Free Nivea Lotion

Nivea hasn't offered many freebies lately, but there's always a chance they come back soon. In the mean time, here are some free laughs!

One of the best things about summer, beyond the nice weather and being able to wear my thong, is that freebie companies tend to hold promotions for months on end. Last year, Mars gave away millions of free candy bars and Arby's had a different free food offer every week.

This year, Nivea is jumping into the fray. Starting today, they'll have a Happy Hour promotion every Thursday on their Facebook page where they'll give away a coupon or sample for one hour only. Seeing as how it's called Happy Hour, I'm guessing they've invented some sort of alcohol based lotion.

This free NIVEA Body lotion sample a few days back, which got me thinking about the first time I used a NIVEA product. Back when I was in late middle school, I begged my mom to bring back some β€œcontraband” from Italy that you couldn't buy in the states. I just thought it'd be cool to have something illegal here, but totally legal elsewhere, like Cuban cigars or Libyan biscuits or something. She, being totally smarter than me, brought me some NIVEA lotion that was simply covered in Italian and concocted some story about how you couldn't buy it here. I think it took me 3 years to figure it out. πŸ™‚

I'll consider it a fantastic bonus if I can use this free Nivea men creme similar to shaving cream the next time one of my brothers crashes on my couch. Watching them smack their own face with cream is how I show I love them.

You'll get a free sample of Nivea in-shower cocoa butter body lotion upon filling out the form on their site. Wait… in-shower body lotion? πŸ€” So… soap?