Free Texas Mills Dog Food

Texas Mills is giving away samples of their Breakaway freeze-dried kibble dog food. Confused?

We pride BREAKAWAY as the absolute best value in the market. As with all of our product lines, Breakaway uses a single source freeze-dried raw kibble for better tolerance of protein allergies. The kibble is made to maximize both palatability and digestibility. During production, we completely saturate the kibble in our custom nutrient mix, featuring organic and natural proteins, fruits, vegetables, enzymes, pre/probiotics, and antioxidants. After the cooking process, we blend in freeze dried meat chunks.

Sorry, I kinda tuned out there when I got to the freeze-dried part. I started picturing my dogs as astronauts eating freeze-dried kibble in space, then stuck with the daydream for an hour or so. What were we talking about again?

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