Free Tomato Seeds from Campbells

Remember the free tomato seeds from Campbell's that we posted back in March? Well the offer is still available! Hopefully by now your tomato plant is full of delicious fresh produce, but if you missed the initial offer, feel free to sign up now and try your luck.

In order to get the seeds, you have to vote for which barn you'd like to save. Campbell's will donate up to $250,000 and each vote is worth $1, so you'll not only be getting a freebie, but helping a charity. After voting, you'll need to enter a code off the bottom of your Campbell's soup can. In case you don't have any in the cupboard, here are a few previous codes that worked last time around.

P8039 – U6 – Cheddar Cheese
P5 – 25 – Chicken Noodle
P5 – 03 – Cream of Chicken
EST4C – 29 – Bean with Bacon
EST4C – 11 – Beef w/vegetables

21 comments on “Free Tomato Seeds from Campbells”

  1. Hi – voted for a barn, put in my soup codes and submitted. I was never prompted for any information where the tomato seeds could be sent. Hmmmm.

  2. I too, got thru the voting screen and the freebee screen came up, filled it in and it said I had already signed up for the free seeds. No I didn’t, but it didn’t hear me.

  3. ex, it didn’t work at first for me but I tried voting again and this time a screen popped up for the soup code and the type of soup and after I entered that, another screen popped up for the usual info for sending freebies, and then a third screen said I’d receive the seeds in 6-8 weeks.

  4. Thanks! I love the taste of fresh grown Jersey tomatoes in my garden. Then again, so did the groundhog who visited for part of the summer.


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