Free True Lemon Drink Mix Sample

These free True Lemon drink mix samples used to be a staple in the freebie world when HIF launched in 2005. The freebie spigot shut off around 2010, however I've recently discovered they're back for certain groups. If you're a member of any of the following organizations, you can request a sample here.

  • Healthcare Facility
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Health Club
  • School
  • Group
  • Event
  • Other

Every day I drink enough water to fill a small pool, but it can get a bit bland. Enter True Lemon. It's a much better alternative to my past method of spicing things up, which was to actually put Tabasco sauce in my water. Let's just say: lesson learned.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

14 comments on “Free True Lemon Drink Mix Sample”

  1. i was looking for an alternative to crystal lite and googled i found true lemon packets–and would love to try it before i buy it. also do you sell in stores and where in south ma could i buy it

  2. This stuff is AWESOME! I have packets in my purse all the time and stocked in the pantry of my truck (18-wheeler). No matter where I go, I have lemon for my water or Diet Coke. And now they have lime too!! I just bought two boxes – one of each!

  3. Haven’t tried True Lemon…LOVE the True Lime! All those vitamen waters and flavored waters — are usually too sweet or leave an after taste. NOT this product! True Lime taste just right. Thanks Hey Its Free!!

  4. We’re another family hooked on True Lemon (maybe thanks to you?!) and we use it constantly in foods, water, etc. and it’s great to take yogurt and mix a pack in them (one’s like honey-vanilla types). We love tabasco, just not in water – ha! Take care and many thanks, Goob! Hope your day goes well!

  5. This really is a great product! I am hooked myself! I now put this in the water cup for my kids night time drink and they love it! I would have to say that the orange is the best!!!!?

  6. I think I tried tobacco sauce once.. my uncle used to chew, and use empty coke cans as spit cups. lets just say I never managed to get hooked on chew OR coke.

    anyway, thanks for posting old freebies.. for those newbies out there like me, i surfed around a bit through the old postings, but stopped around mid 2008 because i (apparantly wrongly) thought things couldnt possibly around for years for FREE! my bad! tasty lemon flavors incoming.

  7. I got hooked on True Lemon after receiving the free samples sometime last year too. I buy the True Lemon Naturally Sweet now. It is the BEST tasting lemonade EVER! There is a coupon on the inside bottom of each package for a dollar off two packages of any True Lemon product. My local supermarket sells the Naturally Sweet for $2.31 for 10 packets. So I buy two, get a dollar off and end up paying .18 per packet. I love this stuff!

    Thanks Goob!

  8. I also received these samples previously. I recently converted from PEPSI to Water with true lemon!!! HAHA It’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and I also regularly buy true lemon. Can’t find it at Walmart yet though..

  9. i signed up for one awhile back that comes with the lemon, lime, and orange…it hasn’t came yet…can’t wait to try it!


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