Genghis Grill Birthday Freebie

Genghis Grill Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free appetizer or dessert (less than 3 visits) or 1 free regular bowl (3+ visits)
Today's Freebie 50 free points
  • Appetizer
  • Dessert
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Looks like the Genghis Grill birthday freebie has changed! Now your free birthday offer is based on how many visits to Genghis Grill you made over the previous year. 0-3 visits gets you a free appetizer or dessert while 4+ visits gets you a free regular bowl.

I interpret that as a bowl of food. Could be rice, could be cereal!

10 comments on “Genghis Grill Birthday Freebie”

  1. It’s not bizarre, you decide what all goes into the bowl and you eat it over rice or noodles, grilled fresh. It’s the way Americans should eat all the time. They might die less.

  2. You have to have a actual Ghenghis Grill Khan’s Rewards Card to get your bday freebie, signing up on the website will not qualify you for your freebie.Β  Also, with this card your 11th bowl is free.

  3. When you go there, you fill a bowl with whatever food you want to eat. They have a variety of meats to choose from (chicken, beef, shrimp, crab, etc.) and a variety of veggies — just put what you like in your bowl, and they will cook the food on their grill. I went there for lunch today, and it was really delicious! Can’t wait toget a free bowl on my birthday! πŸ™‚


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