Two Free Pedometers

There have been a ton of free pedometers given away over the years. They were a staple among the freebie world when I started HIF in the mid-aughts. Below are some of the random jokes we made.

As always, this page will update just as soon as the next company decides to give away some free pedometer swag!

Want to find out how many miles you walk in a day? Then get your very own free pedometer.

Does anyone else ever get a free pedometer and then vigorously shake it for a few minutes to make it look like they've been more active than they have? No, just me? Okay, carry on.

Golf Digest and Humana are teaming together to offer us a free pedometer. I hope they don't expect me to actually walk when I play golf. Driving around in the carts is half most all the fun.

On second thought, I hope they don't actually expect me to play golf.

If you take a short survey, you'll get a free pedometer in the mail from this company. I already got my free pedometer from a different offer months ago, but maybe I'll get two and attach one to each of my legs to see which foot takes more steps.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas last week, because I certainly did. I had a house full of friends and family, so I did the unthinkable and closed my laptop for a few days. My hands literally tried to resist as I ordered them to perform the task, but they finally relented when I promised to soon fill them with freshly baked cookies. It was a risky plan, especially since I ended up eating about 9 million cookies, but I think it was totally worth it. Plus there's a free pedometer offer out there that I can put to good use burning off the recently added pounds! Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably only wear it as I walk back and forth from the kitchen getting more leftover goodies.

Wow, I haven't seen a free pedometer offer in years, let alone two free pedometers from Cigna HealthSpring. These used to be all the rage in the freebie world from '06-08, but I guess Americans stopped trying to be healthy when the economy tanked. Sounds about right.

Why two freebies instead of one? Well duh, it's blatantly obviously. They want us to strap one to each hip and finally confirm once and for all that neither leg takes an extra step when we're not looking.

The free Nature's Bounty pedometer offer is back. Since receiving mine in mid-June, I've taken a grand total of 48 steps. Wait, that sounds way too high.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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