Body Products Freebies

Two Free Swiss Army Fragrances

Everybody knows Swiss Army best for their watches and knives, but did you know they make perfume too? It’s obvious why, as nothing is more threatening than a fragrant, punctual solider. So if you enjoy trying new scents, request a free sample card of either Victoria Eau de or Forest Eau de toilette sprays.*

*Now with 50% less toilet sprays!

Free Garnier Clean+ Exfoliator or Oil

Free Garnier Clean+ Exfoliator or Oil

I wonder how much money Garnier paid in salary to the team that tacked a plus onto the end of their latest product: free Garnier Clean+. I would have gone with an ampersand or left parenthesis just to mess with people.

$1.00 off ANY GARNIER Styling Product

Free Weleda Skin Food

Free Weleda Sample

Target is channeling their inner zombies and offering free Weleda skin food. And here I was told all these years that obsessively chewing the skin around my fingernails was bad for me.

Free Tena Sample Pack

Free Tena Sample Pack

EDIT: Last October’s sample pack is still available!

Your free Tena sample pack will include some combo of wipes, wash, and undergarments depending on your answers to the first two questions. I know, it’s a lot of pressure, try not to panic or choke like yours truly. My hands are trembling over here.

*clicks link and freezes like a deer in headlights*

Free L’Oreal Triple Resist Shampoo

Free Loreal Sample

Here’s a weird “survey” to see if you qualify for a free L’Oreal Triple Resist shampoo sample. HIF isn’t listed on the referring sites, so I just picked one at random and went for it. It’s the same method I use for picking clothes in the morning, grabbing batteries out of the drawer, and dating.

Free Suave Natural Infusion Shampoo

Free Suave Natural Infusions Shampoo

EDIT: This freebie from March 18, 2014 has returned from the dead!

Not only can you get a free Suave Professionals Natural Infusion shampoo sample, but you can send one to a friend and print a $1.50 coupon. “That’s some heavy lifting from a mere freebie,” he says as he stares at a framed mirror he hasn’t hung in six months and types hungover from his bed. “I really don’t know how they do it all!”

Free Crest 3D Whitestrips

Free Crest 3D Whitestrips

EDIT: This freebie from April has returned with a new code: J2L6

9K2P isn’t much of a code, is it? Sounds more like a partial license plate you saw as a car peeled out of the parking lot. Or was it 2PK9? I’m already confused and I didn’t even witness this imaginary bank heist.

Thankfully what I do know is that the code will give you access to a free Crest 3D FlexFit Whitestrips sample. You should get a signup form after submitting the code.

Free Melatonin Sleep Aid

I don’t trust anything I have trouble spelling (I’m looking at your, bananananas!), so I’m a tad leery of this free melatonin sleep aid. Luckily I have no trouble falling asleep anywhere at any time. It’s a gift passed down from zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Free Nexxus Color Assure

Free Nexxus Color Assure

They don’t specify which color exactly, but I have it on good authority that this free Nexxus Color Assure will contain some sort of color. I’ve been assured. None of those pointless numbers or letters for us here, no sirree Bob!

In order to unlock the sample link in the top right, you’ll need to click through all the tabs.

Free Restorsea Skincare Samples

Free Restorsea Skincare Samples

EDIT: The company asked me to remove this freebie.

It seems crazy at first, but we can request up to sevenfree Restorsea skincare samples! It’s rare to find so many samples from one site, but to also promise to reverse global warming and restore the sea at the same time? Wow. I’m impressed.