Food Freebies

Free Cadbury Screme Egg

Free Cadbury Screaming Egg

SavingStar is giving away a free Cadbury screme egg, which I hope is a tad more delicious than Rick & Morty’s screaming sun.

For those living in caves these past few years, SavingStar works by paying out coupon values directly to you instead of reducing your grocery bill in the store. With these freebies, simply create a free SavingStar account, link your loyalty card from one of these participating stores, then load the link above and purchase the item by the expiration date. SavingStar usually runs a few of these offers each month and the minimum payout is only $5, so it only takes a few of these freebies to qualify for a payout!

Free Hungry Howie’s Cheese Pizza

free hungry howies pizza

If you want a free Hungry Howie’s small cheese pizza, you need to click the share button by today! It’ll load a box asking for a Facebook share, but you can close it and your coupon code will appear on the main page. I don’t have any locations near me, but maybe you do? Also Hungry Howie’s stated on Facebook that FL and AL locations aren’t accepting this coupon, however a lot of people are saying many FL spots are in fact taking it. Long story short, I’d call ahead unless you enjoy taking unnecessary risks in life.

7-Eleven: Free Coffee this Week

Free 7-11 Coffee

If you downloaded the 7-Eleven app to get last week’s free Orbit gum, I hope you kept it on your phone because now you can use it to get a free coffee every day through Oct. 18. Each free cup also counts towards their 7Rewards “Buy 6 cups, Get 1 free” offer, so make sure to get your card punched! (that’s not a euphemism).

Rebate: Free Eight O’Clock Coffee

free eight oclock coffee

Rebates aren’t the sexiest freebies (that distinction belongs to Depends), but it’s not every day you see a full-size free Eight O’Clock ground coffee offer. The rebate form is pretty standard and you have until the end of the year to send yours in.

The fine print mentions they’ll “only honor the first 12,000 submissions,” so be sure to get yours in sooner rather than later. I highly doubt they’re anywhere close to 12k submissions yet because, come on, this is America. Filling out forms on time and paying attention to detail aren’t our strongest skills.

Free Domino’s Medium Pizza on Oct. 12

I’m republishing this post because it goes live today at 3pm EST!

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit peeved Domino’s didn’t offer free pizza’s after Max Scherzer’s no-hitter on the final weekend of the regular season. My stomach certainly didn’t desire another Domino’s pizza, but it meant Hiffers across the country who might want a free lunch were missing out! However they’ve redeemed themselves with the tweet above, which announced we have a shot at 27,000 free Domino’s medium pizzas at 3pm ET on Monday, Oct. 12. Those extra 7,000 should help this offer last an extra 29 seconds.

If this promo is like the others this season, you’ll want to confirm ahead of time that you have a free account. If not, make one today, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. I’ll post reminders to HIF’s Twitter and Facebook Monday morning. Good luck!

Free York Peppermint Pattie

free york peppermint pattie

This limited-time freebie from June 2014 has returned!

SavingStar is once again offering a free York Peppermint Pattie. Who knew York, England was so chock full of peppermint?

I love how they offer broccoli beside the freebie too. I’d love to see the percentage of people getting the candy without the vegetable. My guess is somewhere just shy of 95%.

Free Crock-Pot Seasoning Pack

Free Crock-Pot Seasoning Pack

For a limited time, you can print a $2/1 coupon giving you a free Crock-Pot seasoning pack at Walmart and most grocery stores. I sincerely appreciate the effort, Crock Pot HQ, but no amount of free seasoning can save my “cooking.”

7-Eleven: Free Orbit Gum

Free Orbit Gum

You’ll need a smartphone to download their free app, but after doing so you can get free Orbit gum at 7-Eleven. They’ve given away 73% of the coupons, so this will be gone within a day or two. To find the coupon, check the “Scan and Save” section of the app once you’re logged in. To find a 7-Eleven, drive around aimlessly and navigate only by sticking your head out the window and shouting for directions at stop lights. Seriously, it’s fun!

Free SunButter Sunflower Seeds

Free Sunbutter Sunflower Seeds

EDIT: Intrepid Hiffer has pointed out this is for Sunbutter, not sunflower seeds. Hahaha my bad.

Target is giving out free SunButter sunflower seeds in “on the go” packs. Funny, I’ve never had trouble transporting sunflower seeds around.

In order to make the form appear, you’ll need to have a child at home aged 5-11 or fib a little about your own age.

2015 National Coffee Day

Free Coffee on National Coffee Day

Tuesday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day which means we get free days! No, free national?

*checks cue card*

Ohhhh, free coffee! Who would have guessed?

Dunkin’ Donuts – Free medium hot or iced coffee.
Krispy Kreme – Free 12 oz. coffee & original glazed doughnut.
LaMar’s Donuts – Free 12 oz. coffee & LaMar’s Coffee Mug (while supplies last).
Sheetz – Free “Coffez.” Boy, I sure hope it tastes like coffee.
WaWa – Free coffee sized up to 24 oz.

[thanks to Hiffer Velma for the reminder!]