Food Freebies

Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm est

Free Dominos Medium Pizza

EDIT: Use code 4500 at checkout to get a free cinnastix order with your free pizza!

The no-hitters keep flying in, this time on the arm of Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs late last night. All that means is we get yet another shot at a free Domino’s pizza at 3pm EST. Only 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas are available and they’re carry-out only.

Like before, this freebie is guaranteed to go fast. The first step is confirming you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!

Also I know this is pointless for those Hiffers reading this at 4pm when the newsletter goes out. I had hoped to have the new alert feature working by the next time a no-hitter was thrown, but I didn’t expect it so freaking soon!

Free Zing Stevia Sweetener

Free Zing Stevia Sweetener

Not only do we get to try some free Zing Stevia sweetener, but there’s a free coupon available to print after you submit your address. You can thank me now both for the freebie and for not making a corny joke followed by ZING!

Free Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Free Hershey's Chocolate Bar

I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but junkfood since May so, sure, let’s throw a free Hershey’s chocolate bar on the pile while we’re at it.

Free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

I have no idea what these free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are, but my gut heart tells me … food?

Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

Free Johnny Rockets Milkshake

Johnny Rockets emailed me this on Sept. 11

You are currently hosting a Johnny Rockets coupon on your website for a free classic shake with no purchase necessary expiration September 30, 2015. This coupon needs to be taken down immediately.

This coupon in this form was created by someone other than Johnny Rockets and is been being used inappropriately and without permission to use our trademark and name and likeness.

So basically they’re saying “we made a coupon, put it on our site, then didn’t like it so now we’re pretending somebody else made it.” Smooooooth.

September is National Shake Month (of course it is), so Johnny Rockets is offering a coupon for one free milkshake valid through the month of September. This is a tad more conventional compared to previous years offers, where you had to say “yummy” in the store to get your shake.

I’ll actually miss those days. For fun, my friends and I would concoct some goofy story as a cover to say yummy repeatedly then act shocked when handed a milkshake. It’s these sorts of activities that keep me sane!

Kroger: Free Propel Electrolyte Water

Free Propel Electrolyte Water

Kroger shoppers have today only to load a coupon good for one free Propel Electrolyte Water. The coupon itself is valid through the next two weeks.

Ah … yada yada something something joke. I gotta get this out for the newsletter Hiffers!

Free Quest Protein Bar

Free Quest Protein Bar

This freebie from February 2014 is available again!

Too bad I need my free Quest protein bar today as opposed to eight weeks from now. The quest of walking to the grocery store amidst all this beautiful weather looms before me and frankly I don’t think I can conquer it without being distracted.

*goes into kitchen to make lunch, but can only find vegetables*

Be right back guys, gotta run to the store!

Free Kit Kat Bar

Free Candy Bar

SavingStar members (which should include every Hiffer who shops at one of these stores!) can add a coupon good for one free Kit Kat candy bar.

Free ZonePerfect Energy Bar

Free ZonePerfect Energy Bar

Shoppers at Kroger & their affiliated stores can zoneload a coupon good for one free ZonePerfect energy bar to their loyalty cards today. What a zonegreat offer for those of us on the zonego.

Free Chick-fil-A Entree or Meal

free chick-fil-a meal

Holy cow, I almost forgot tomorrow (Tues, July 14) is Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day. For new Hiffers not in the loop, it’s pretty simple. Dress up like a cow, like my sister and I did a few years back, and get an entire free combo meal. If you simply print out the free cow mask from their site, you get a free entree.

You don’t even have to go all out for the full cow costume either. A Redditor that works at CFA had this to say:

I work there, just to give some advice here is from the email they sent us.

Guests Dressed ‘Head to Hoof’ in Cow Attire receive a FULL MEAL

  • Meal = Entrée, Side, Drink (NOT SHAKES)
  • Salads only include a Drink, No Side
  • Guests ‘too chicken’ to Dress All Out, but Arrive with Cow Accessories (Shirt, Hat, Scarf, Bag) Receive an Entrée Only
  • Sides or Shakes May be Given in Lieu of an Entree
  • If in Doubt on If a Guest is ‘Fully’ Dresses, Lean Towards Generosity and Give the Free Meal

So there ya go. If you dress up, take a picture and share it with us in the comments!