Food Freebies

Free Keebler Snack & 2 Liter Soda

Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) Keebler® or Cheez-It® Snack Cup (2.2 - 3.0 oz.). Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 3/27/2014.Save 100%.

Looks like SavingStar and Kroger threw their hands up together and decided we needed some free junk food. I’m throwing my hands up with them! SavingStar has the snack (they have a variety of brands you can choose from) while Kroger is giving away free Dr. Pepper and Sprite TEN.

  1. SavingStar – free Keebler or Cheez-It Snack Cup.
  2. Kroger – Free 2-liter select soda.

How is everybody enjoying these new Freebie Friday offers?

Free Rita’s Italian Ice

Free Rita's Italian Ice


*rushes outside then turns right back around*

Nope, it’s still freezing up here. Well, if I can muster up the courage to face the cold yet again, I can double down on the temperature with a free Rita’s Italian ice today only from noon-9pm.

Free Dinner Rolls & Muller Yogurt

Save 100% when you buy ONE (1) 4 pack of King's Hawaiian® Dinner Rolls. Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 3/9/2014.Save 100%.

Okay, now this is creepy. I literally just bought this week’s SavingStar FreebieFriday offer. In fact they’re the only reason I went to the store. And yes, I had no idea where to find them. YOU’D THINK DINNER ROLLS WOULD BE WHERE THE BREAD IS!

I knew it was time to ask when I found myself wander the paper towel aisle.

  1. SavingStar – free King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls.
  2. Kroger – Free Müller Corner or Greek Yogurt.

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut on Sunday

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut on Daylight Saving Time

The evil clutches of early sunsets and depressing darkness will finally have they’re stranglehold loosened as we welcome Daylight Savings Time this weekend. As a result, Krispy Kreme is giving away one free doughnut to any Hiffer who stops in on Sunday, March 9. Now that has me thinking (I know, I know, that’s a dangerous prospect right there) but what if we rolled our clocks back one hour every day?

Note this offer is not valid in Austin Tx, San Antonio TX, El Paso TX, Laredo TX, San Marcos TX, McAllen TX, Uncasville CT, and Puerto Rico. I have no idea why.

Free Arby’s Fries and Drink

Calling all Arby’s fans!


Where’d everyone go?

It’s not the most fantastic of deals, but if you’re in the market for a sandwich then why not get a free small fries and drink with the purchase of an Arby’s Reuben sandwich?

Free IHOP Short Stack Pancakes Today

Free IHOP Short Stack Pancakes Today

Things have been a bit crazy around Goob Central lately, so I’m a tad late to the party in announcing today’s free IHOP short stack pancakes offer. Veteran Hiffers will recognize this regular yearly offer, but here’s how it works if you’re new to the site.

  1. Go to IHOP today.
  2. Eat one free short stack of pancakes.

That about sums it up. In lieu of payment, they’ll ask you to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals charity. It’s not required, but it’s a nice thing to do. Besides, we’re all nice people here, aren’t we?

Free Snickers & Protein Bars

Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) SNICKERS® Bar or SNICKERS® Brand Peanut Butter Squared Bars (1.76 - 1.86 oz.). Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 3/2/2014.Save 100%.

Another end of the week brings with it more delicious freebies. I love it. My gut, well, not so much.

It’s worth noting that SavingStar also has a generic 20% off green peppers offer! And heck, while you’re at it, look at your Checkout51 offers too. Last week’s $0.50 milk coupon is still there and there’s a $0.50 orange juice coupon too.

Free Nectresse Sweetener

Free Nectresse Sweetener

This freebie was originally posted on August 2, 2013 and is still available!

I initially wrote off this new free Nectresse sweetener offer because it wouldn’t let me register, but then I tried listing myself as Ms. Goob and WHAT DO YA KNOW?! Just another freebie perpetuating the industry-wide standard of deriding us dudes! Well I’ve had about enough of it! Men, put down the mouse, grab your pitchfork, and meet me downtown! IT’S TIME WE TAKE A STAND!

Ah man, there’s only like 10 of us. This isn’t enough for a revolution. This is barely enough for a softball team. Speaking of which, drinks? I’ll meet y’all at the bar!

Free Peet’s Coffee K-Cups

Free Peet's Coffee K-Cups

Target’s site is bogged down at the moment. Or heck, maybe it’s just not working in Chrome. Either way, there’s something between me and my free Peet’s coffee k-cups and I WON’T STAND FOR THIS!

*Sits down. Site still won’t load.*

Well I’m fresh out of ideas.

Free Jiffy Muffin Mix & South Beach Bars

free jiffy mix

Now that Kroger and SavingStar are both running freebie offers exclusive to Friday, I’m going to 1) write about them each week while 2) lumping them together in one post. It just makes sense. So, without further ado:

It’s worth noting that SavingStar also has a generic 20% off bananas offer! And heck, while you’re at it, look at your Checkout51 offers too. I was given a generic $0.50 coupon off milk this week.

As usual, you have until the end of today to add both of these to your respective store reward cards. As for finding a recipe which uses both? Well, that may take a little more time, but darn it if I won’t try!