Food Freebies

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

This freebie from April 2012 has returned!

It’s apparently Freebie Throwback Week and I’ll freaking take it. That recent freebie drought was no joke. Today’s free Atkins quick-start kit contains some informative brochures, a BOGO coupon, and possibly pizza or chocolate to snack on? Or maybe you’re supposed to eat the brochures? I’m not clear on the specifics plus it all tastes the same to me.

Free Weight Watchers Smart Ones Smoothie

Free Weight Watchers Smart Ones Smoothie

SavingStar has a Freebie Friday once again in the form of free Weight Watchers Smart Ones smoothies. Wait, are they saying drinking smoothies is now classified as a “smart” idea? Awwwwwwww yeah, peace out veggies, hello chocolate malt shakes for dinner!

Meanwhile Kroger thinks we’re beautiful just the way we are and therefore is handing out free Snapple Straight Up Tea to quench our summer thirst.

Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm est

Free Domino's Medium Pizza @ 3PM

Baseball, freebie, and Venn diagram fans should be thrilled today. Last night San Francisco’s Chris Heston threw a no-hitter last night against the Mets, which means that Domino’s is giving away 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas today (carry-out only)! Be warned that this freebie is insanely popular, which means there’s a decent chance you’ll miss out or become infuriated with Domino’s because something screws up on their end.

However if you’re still game, the first step is to make sure you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!

Free Doughnut Day

Free Doughnut Day

Friday, June 5, is free Doughnut Day over at Krispy Kreme. Hiffers not in Connecticut or Puerto Rico can receive one free doughnut of any variety with no purchase necessary.

I love how the Facebook page says 27,000 people are going while 570 are down as maybe. Maybe?! What the heck is there to think about? Let’s see here:

  • Doughnuts? Check.
  • Free? Check.

I don’t think I could be friends with anybody who was still a maybe after that.

Free Grey Poupon Rouge

Free Grey Poupon Rouge mustard

Careful, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a rouge agent on the loose! Early reports are hazy at best, but seem to indicate that Kraft’s free Grey Poupon Rouge dijon mustard wants to either assassinate or add deliciousness to your sandwiches. Please remain careful, vigilant, and hungry around your snacks.

It’s worth noting the fine print states “only business addresses qualify for offer.” I went with Bars & Adult Beverages because it’s barely 4 in the afternoon and my eyes are already flirting pretty heavily with that whiskey bottle on the corner of my desk.

Free Sargento Snack Cooler

Free Sargento Snack Cooler

I had no idea I needed this free Sargento snack cooler until I learned it existed five minutes ago. Apparently I have a mobile string cheese cooler sized void in my life. How in the world have I made it 32 years without one?!

Free Emergen-C Samples

Free Emergen-C Samples

EDIT: This freebie from February 2014 (and beyond) is still active!

Every year I tell my brothers these free Emergen-C vitamin “supplements” are bull. Yet they always end up in our supply bag whenever we go camping and every morning I end up drinking one. I don’t know if that says more about them or me.

Free Lipton Tropical Iced Tea

Free Lipton Tropical Iced Tea

I normally don’t post these types of offers (more on that below), but this free Lipton Tropical iced tea wants us to “sample a trending beverage.”

Oh la la, Mr. Fancy Pants over here with his trending beverage. I bet he gets all the ladies with such a hot and fashionable drink. I remember dreaming as a wee little Goob that one day I might be cool enough to get my beverage trending on Twitter. And here we are. My, what an age we live in.

The fine print says “offer valid for qualifying foodservice operators and distributors only,” so YMMV with this freebie. But we’re in a hardcore freebie drought and I’ve got zero fraks to give, so have at it.

Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day


Did you know the free Haagen-Dazs cone day is Tuesday, May 12 from 4-8 pm? You did? Well that means either somebody already told you or you’re a mind-reader. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU WARLOCK!

I have to commend the person / robot / brilliant dog running the Haagen-Dazs website. They added a simple filter to their store locator to show locations participating in this freebie. Bravo.

*begins slow clap*

Free Muller Yogurt & SavingStar News

Dear Savingstar,

*sips water*

*clears throat*


Starting in May, the day and frequency of our 100% cash-back Freebie offers will change. Instead of appearing every Friday, Freebies can appear at any time.

Want to be first to know when our Freebies are coming? Earn our new SavingStar Premier Saver status and you’ll get advance notice of Freebies before they go live on our site and app, and before the limited quantities are gone. In order to achieve and maintain Premier Saver status, redeem 6 qualifying* offers each calendar month and we’ll notify you before anyone else about the next calendar month’s Freebies!

In other words.


Luckily Kroger is offering free Müller yogurt, so it’s not a complete loss. Still, experience has taught us to vastly lower our expectations when companies move from “freebie every week” to “freebie for select customers whenever we feel like it.” My guess is they’ll end the freebies altogether by the end of this year.