Free Amazon Price Check App and $15

Free Amazon Price Check App

Amazon has updated their free Price Check app for your iPhone or your Android. Long story short, it lets you scan a product while shopping to see what the price is on Amazon.

For today only, Saturday December 10, you can get up to $15 on Amazon for free. You get a a 5% discount, up to $5 and on up to three items, just by checking a price. So let’s say you’re planning to buy a digital camera for a Christmas gift. If you’re going shopping today, swing by Best Buy or whoever else sells the camera, scan it with your Price Check app, then place the camera in your shopping cart on Amazon. If you then decide to purchase the camera on Amazon within the next 24 hours, you’ll get a 5% discount (up to $5) on it for free. And then you can do that again for two more additional items.

It’s kind of weird and complicated, but I know people are buying larger items this time of year and $15 is $15. The hardest part of all this for me is getting dressed and actually venturing out into the real world. *shudders*

  • Jennifer

    Ha ha my thoughts exactly! I even googled to see if I could find the bar codes for the toys I plan on ordering…without having to go to Toysrus!

  • Andy

    worked for me without going to the store, just type in what your looking for and select “Get Deal” and when it asks what store your in choose “Skip, and give me the deal”

  • Kendra

    Doesn’t work for me. I can search, but there’s no such feature where I can put in the name and then click “Get Deal.” There’s no “Get Deal” button.

  • butterfly_net2

    I just pictured Goob sitting in a Snuggie at his computer…with the blinds pulled, the drapes shut, and a cold cup of cocoa on the desk. :/

  • Pretty close :D