Free Menopause Survival Kit

I can’t foresee any point in my life where I might need a free menopause survival kit, but I’m a fan of survival kits in general, so I’m getting this. When I got my first car in high school, I made my own survival kit and stashed it in the truck. Years later, I rediscovered it and let’s just say that going through it was like Christmas in July. I’d stuffed everything into a bank deposit bag and some of the items I’d included were a (now grotesquely melted) candle, matches that no longer struck, a single band aid, a compass, water purification tablets that looked like they themselves needed to be purified, and a pair of socks with two exploded AA batteries in them. I’m not sure where I thought I might need all of that, but thank God I never had to call upon it!

[via Marian – thanks!]

  • What a shame the gift-giving season is over. Wouldn’t this freebee have made a lovely Christmas gift for a loved one?

    ::snorts and runs away::

  • Dana

    I’m going to send one to my mom… I just hope she doesn’t go into a menopause-like rage when she gets it lol

  • Jacob

    MMMMMM, My mom would have loved to receive this lol

  • Michelle

    ok, truths!!! I am ESTATIC about this!! anyone doesn’t want theirs, plzzzzzzz forward to me , lol I am only 39 and I am in menaPAUSSSSE! Diabetes caused an early onset, PLEASSSSSSE let this survival kit help ME!!!!!!!

  • Misty

    I hope this works! Menapause is no joke.