Free Petsmart Toy

Free Petsmart Toy

If you’re headed to Petsmart before Aug. 28, print out this coupon then look for some toys on sale to get a free Petsmart toy. I had a look on their site and was able to find a ton of toys on sale for under $2, like the one pictured above.

Non-pet owners should get this as well for whenever they invite their female friends over and she in turn brings her children or, and this is purely hypothetical with no resemblance to any known persons living or dead, her 30 year old adult boyfriend who gets bored easily. Just sayin’.

  • tess

    Great way to donate a toy to your favorite animal rescue. Thanks Goob!

  • M

    I just did this today and it worked. There were a lot of small 99 cent cat toys as well as some bigger ones for $1.99. Good coupon.

  • N

    I just tried to use this coupon and was told that it was fraudulent. There has to be a name on it and the person who posted it deleted their name. The store wouldn’t take the coupon. Did you delete your name off of it?

  • Goob

    Na, it’s a coupon that was sent out in their newsletter. I didn’t do anything to it.