Free Prilosec OTC

This freebie was available since the dawn of time. This thing never dies.

Rounding out today’s Greatest Hits is the classic free Prilosec OTC offer for Hiffers who still refuse to lay off the bratwursts.

  • sharon

    yahoo more shampoo thanks got mine, well in 8 to 12 weeks i will lol

  • LMAO @ the poor lil egg…I especially love the commercials when they tell you all the possible side effects!!

  • Alexandra

    The possible side effects are worse than the condition you start out with!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! They FINALLY quit showing that HORRID Santa commercial for THAT condition – you know – the one with the atrocious whistling that goes on forever. Darn!! Now I have that awful whistling playing in my head. :( LOL!!

  • Jeffrey

    Just have to mention that it’s not an egg….and actually has a name: “Dot.” Pfizer spent a lot of money with their ad agency to create that black and white squiggle. :)

  • Lena

    Now Alexandra…what do you have against Smilin’ Bob and his enhancement meds? Hahahahahahahahaha! I think those are the funiest ones on television.

  • Julie

    Gotta love Smilin Bob, he is just so CONFIDENT!!! Love the balloons that burst, makes me have to pee every time I see that darn commercial! Goob, you start the fund and I’ll contribute–I have a sibling who swears she has every condition she sees on those commercials, which ammounts to about 50 different conditions durring one American Idol show!

  • Maureen

    Your sister swears she has very condition she sees on those commercials? Hmmm, should be interesting with the Smilin Bob one!

  • Dainelle

    hahaha… That would be very interesting… Or should we call her smilin’ Bobby Jean?

  • karen

    These commercials are making people hypercondriacs. And I never know what the heck all the drugs are for.. I know I will be able to ride a bike in a meadow if I take their drugs.. Ugh… Drugs are bad mmm’kay


    Didn’t realize you could wash your hair with Prilosec. I take them when I eat bratwursts, and you’re darn right, Goob, I ain’t laying off them as long as I keep getting these freebies. Keep ’em coming. Thanks.