Free Snickers Bar

Free Snickers Candy Bar

EDIT: I’m bumping this post from Jan. 2 because it’s still available for the next week!

Now these kind of freebies are the ones that sucked me into this world a decade ago! The fact that we have two different ways to win a free Snickers candy bar is merely icing on the cake. Scratch that, imagine icing on a Snickers!

Facebook Method

Visit their Facebook page and enter the contest. Even though it’s called a contest, it seems like everybody is winning. You should see the image above with a confirmation message below saying you’ll receive the prize in 6-8 weeks. Hopefully winter storm Hercules stays around long enough to make sure they don’t melt.

Text Method

If you’re not a fan of Facebook, then text SNICKERS to 78787. They’ll reply with a confirmation PIN, which you then need to enter here.

I will add that I texted them an hour ago and haven’t heard back, so I’m not sure how long this step takes.

  • elagirl

    Not everyone is a winner, I wasn’t

  • mrezee

    I lost. :(

  • Janet

    NOPE not every one is a winner. Just LOST!

  • Daniel Rosen

    I lost after giving a birthday and email address. Is there no candy bar which I can win for free?

  • funktional

    make that 4…

  • bs page

    liar i lost

  • Dianna

    i lost too

  • Michelle

    I am a looser too :(

  • Amanda ‘Grifdog’ Griffin

    Not a winner. Perhaps this is a cleverly disguised limited offer.

  • bertram00

    Well I didn’t win Goob :(

  • Denise

    Not a winner. But I’ll try again tomorrow!

  • Jessica Weeks

    I won! The Facebook page wasn’t working for me…but texting worked fine and only took a couple minutes. Gotta love free chocolate! Thanks!

  • traci

    got mine! THANKS

  • Kim

    I just won! Only day 2 of trying, too! Thanks!

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    I won one, but after noting that they wanted to know if I was male or female, I wondered if being a woman meant I should receive two Snickers bars. In this case shouldn’t they ask if it may be a certain time of the month in which I would appreciate even more chocolate?

  • kat

    I won !
    I did it by facebook lost, Text won! Free candy! Thanks GOOB!!!

  • Beachplant

    lost :(

  • Heidi

    I lost on facebook, but won by text.

  • Ashley

    I won a free Snicker’s candy bowl.

  • It keeps asking me to correct my cell #. I don’t have a smartphone–could that be the problem?


    Lost, but like a lab rat, I’ll keep pressing that bar for a chance to get a free candy bar that I really don’t need (but want).

  • Adele

    I lost via text….

  • Jenn

    I won!

  • Beachplant

    lost and texting tells me I have reached the maximum for the day? Phooey! I need chocolate!

  • Carolina Cooper

    It said that I won a single Snickers. Don’t worry Goob. If you go to the list of possible prizes, it shows that the single Snickers comes in the form of a coupon for the bar. Too bad I didn’t win one of the $25 or $100 Snickers Visa cards!

  • Jessica

    It told me that I didn’t win lol! WTH?!

  • janescatcrap

    You can enter once a day. It took me 3 days, but I
    won and so did my daughter.

  • Kylene

    Got one! Thanks!

  • Courtneyyy

    Yay I got one!

  • Adele

    got a Snickers via FB. Zilch via text.

  • Joshua Johnson

    Well poo, I’m just not having any luck today. No snickers from fb and no snickers from text.

  • Kylene

    I got mine from Facebook. Husband got one today via text.

  • Terrez Maxwell

    So far I won 5 snickers.

  • fathima

    Re: text method; first I was asked to text my birthdate, then another text asking for my email addy, then a 3rd text saying, “Sorry, you don’t win.” WHAAAT? So, good thing, I gave my junk email addy, eh?

  • Stacey Galvez

    I won a snickers bowl

  • kickformoney

    I hope that wasn’t supposed to read “bar.” Because if you really did win a Snickers Bowl, I now have hope for winning what might be the best waffle cone bowl substitute for ice cream ever.

  • Emily Frances

    It said that I won, but never asked me for my address. Since I didn’t give my address to Facebook, I guess I won’t be receiving mine. :(

  • ty

    I have a a free cell phone from the government (because I am on government assistance), a tracfone, and I texted that number, and they sent a text back saying “sorry this service is not available for your service plan”

  • The Farrah Monster

    Does anyone know if this is limit one per household?

  • Denise

    I’ve played this every single day, and haven’t won one bar! After I enter my date of birth, I see a box quickly open and close in the upper left-hand corner. Then it tells me, “Sorry, you are not a winner.”

    I’m 42, so I’m not too young to play. I just wonder what that box in the corner is. It disappears, so I am not able to open it.

  • Sharon

    I’ve been on Facebook and never won a thing. My son was five times. I just tried the text method and they came back and wanted my dob, then after that they came back and wanted my email, and then they told me I didn’t win. Sheesh!!!

  • Maria

    My mom and I have been entering this and we’ve each won 5 or 6 bars. I hope we each get 5 or 6 coupons. I don’t even like Snickers; I’ll probably give them to my husband. I want the visa cards!

  • Gruneichtime

    I just tried this and won a snickers! Thanks!

  • Ruby Osborn

    I just won a snickers! Woo Hooo LOL

  • nemo

    I maxed out my limit of five when this was first posted. If you lose, just try again the next day. The first coupon already arrived.

  • Janine

    I just won a Snickers branded candy bowl! Can’t wait to see what it looks like. Thank you!

  • prettygirl

    I have won 4 or 5 candy bars so far. How do you enter for contest to get visa card?


    For what it’s worth, I won my max of 5 Snickers, and the coupons have started arriving in the mail. I took two to the supermarket (Giant/Carlisle) to get my free bars and they had a buy-two-get-one-free deal going, and it worked! Three free bars. “Sweet” as they say. If I walk to supermarket to get three more, will it cancel out all the calories I’m about to wolf down?