Free “The 7-Minute Difference” Book

The last time I checked, this free “The 7-Minute Difference” book was a bit longer than a 7 minute read. So it makes me feel like the title is already lying to me.

And how do I know that the title is lying? Its been 7 minutes since I requested this freebie and nothing’s changed! Except the clock on the wall, but I don’t think that counts…

[via the forums]

  • Chris

    Kaplan University looks to be nothing more than a diploma mill. Their page uses many diploma mill buzzwords.

  • Michelle

    I dont like how it says it will call you…….so I backed out my info

  • They called my GrandCentral number that I gave them, so they certainly will call! Thank goodness for that Google program that serves as a needed buffer in cases like this.

  • Yeah, I was about to say the same thing, Goob, that they do call. I monitored it when it came in on GrandCentral too…