Free World’s Best Cat Litter

Free World's Best Cat Litter

As if being able to print $10 in coupons wasn’t enough, you can also print out a rebate for free World’s Best cat litter. The rebate is limited to one per mailing address, but if you have a work address… I’d never heard of this brand, but it looks like Petco and Petsmart sell it, among others.

Does cat litter melt snow or clean up oil spills? I always get it and salt confused, which typically leads to an embarrassing moment when I’m on a dinner date.

[thanks Pocket Your Dollars]

  • stargzer09

    Meee- ow! Thanks Goob!

  • April

    Thanks so much!! Got the coupons ($4 off 7 or 8 lb bag, and two $3 off any size). Printed out the rebate form. Good to go! Thanks Goob!

  • Jennifer

    A very big Thank You from my five cats! They hate cheap litter….

  • Sandy

    You have problems telling the difference between kitty litter and salt? No wonder your popcorn has that gritty taste. Hoping your free labels arrive soon.

  • Suzanne

    I got excited about this because kitty litter is WAY expensive. But this one is made from corn… I already have enough problems with my dogs going “litter box dining” – I don’t need to offer them a vegetable. :oP

  • caribassett

    Free Kitty Litter can :
    absorb oil spills
    Line trash cans for odor and absorbancy
    be placed at the bottom of a pot be for you place a plant, and soil to avoid drowning the roots
    provide pet safe traction in icy and snowy conditions
    as opposed to kitty litter you have to pay for, which I suppose is only good for cat poop.

  • Nicole

    Actually, this really IS the best litter ever. We have two cats and run two boxes. One larger (multicat) bag lasts (wait for it) 1.5 to 2 MONTHS (not days or weeks). It clumps so tight you don’t waste much litter and it is very flushable (breaks up almost instantly). It’s definitely worth trying for. (And I wouldn’t recommend clumping litter for the driveway…you use cheap litter for icy conditions).

  • Kristina

    Printed the rebate no problem but having a difficult time with the coupons. It makes you download a coupon printer app and said it was printing but never did “( I’m on a Mac, anyone else have probs? Got a solution? Thanks!

  • PopArtDiva

    Course salt for ice and kitty litter for oil slicks – and Nicole is right, use the cheap litter for the oil slicks otherwise if it rains you’ll have weird clumps where you put the litter showing up, lol.

  • Jones50

    Thanks for this Goob; we don’t have any cats; however, have had a few oil drips that we’ve used kitty litter for and it absorbs it right up. Hope you finally are having good weather and no snow! Take good care and have a great week!

  • Melinda

    To have the coupons mailed to you click on the Help link in the lower right corner of the coupon printer. This is a really good company I’ve talked with them when I was researching litter and they have sent me coupons before when I just asked them to. I’m a firm believer in keeping corn in the litter box and out of your pet food. Thanks Goob for finding this!

  • bren tolson

    Yes, it works in place of salt to melt snow. Also, add it to leftover paint to harden the solution and then recycle.

  • Maren

    This truly is the best cat litter in the world, it lasts forever (bought the big bag in Nov and it’s still not all gone). Every cat owner should try this stuff at least once, you will be hooked! Easy to clean and clumps great! Flushable which is great b/c who wants poop sitting in the trash can, put it where it belongs, down the drain!
    For the person whose dogs try to eat “snacks” out of their cat’s litter box, try a Booda Dome or some covered litter box with a similar design. We tried it and our dog can’t get into it anymore b/c they way it’s layed out.

  • Talkeetna

    Hannaford had it – first time I’ve tried it – it’s great !!! (hopefully they’ll actually send me the rebate check since this stuff is wonderful but very pricy) Thanks Goob

  • Saving Money Mommy

    I bought the 17 lb. bag, cut out the UPC code and then saw the rebate is only good for 7 or 8 lb. Anyone else do this? I’m sure they’ll reject it if I send this in. I’ll have to go back and buy the smaller bag if I want to do the rebate. That’s what I get for not reading it carefully. :(

  • Judith Weaver

    OOK, this is where the regional dummy checks in again. I have four cats so would LOVE to get free litter or coupons. I printed the rebate offer form which I will use–BUT WHERE DO I GET THE $3-$4 off the purchase?? NEVER COULD FIND THAT!!! Help please for the coupon challenged!

  • Trevor Fix

    I Just seen your advertisment on tv, so I checked your website and was unable to find the free cupon for your litter. Would you please be so kind to send me the information. Thank You

  • KathyR

    Hi…I printed out the rebate…but where the heck is the coupons!…Thanks for the tip none the less!

  • jewlzmonet

    Thanks for the coupon and rebate tip. My cats love this litter and I especially love that is flushable….which means green for the environment!

  • Katrina

    I’m having the same problem – where are the coupons for the kitty litter? Appreciate the help, thanks!

  • Marie

    Best litter ever – 47 years of cats – truly the best!!

  • susan

    yes where the coupons,time wasted trying to get them

  • jan pfeiffer

    I absolutely love this cat litter. It is more expensive in the beginning but it does last a long time. No weird odors, (cat or pine) just a clean scent of corn. We have 5 cats and one large bag lasted for months. The coupon is good through June 30, 2010. You can print more than one. I did the rebate and got it back ($10.99, the price I paid for the 7# bag) in about 4 weeks. I got the $3 coupon just now by going to Google and putting in “Worlds best cat litter” one of the choices was the coupon.

  • mary

    i canot either find the couponsk, just the rebate

  • AMM221

    I also bought the 17 lb. bag and now see that the rebate is for 7 or 8 lb. bag. Has anyone bought the larger bag and received the rebate? Thank you for any info before I send this in and get rejected!!

  • marilyn nevin

    I just saw your add on TV, and would like to try your Worlds Best Cat litter. How do I obtain the free bag s I can see if my Kitty likes it?

    Thank you

  • Concerned

    Hello all, I love this cat litter, the only thing that would make it better, would be the use of organic corn.

    I saw a few responses that regarded flushing litter in the toilet and I would like to comment on this because this act can be very harmful to the environment. In California, there has been an increase in cases of toxoplasmosis in seal and sea otters. (They are dying from this parasite commonly found in cats guts.) Some scientists think that people flushing cat litter in the toilet is part of the cause. Please dispose of your pet’s waste responsibly. Thanks.

  • Beenie

    I use this litter as often as I can and it’s great! It might seem a little expensive but it lasts as long time, even with multiple cat use. AND there is very little tracking with it! Well worth the time, money and effort to buy this litter!

  • Ava

    I e mail them about the coupons.Will report if I get them.I buy it at Petsmart.Ours takes $2 c/o from other pet stores plus thier own.

  • Susan Ford

    I have used this litter for several years now and with three cats I have found it the best. I am disappointed that the rebate if for 7 or 8 lb bags. I always purchase the 17lb bag.

  • Susan Ford

    I have three cats and and have for several year salways purchased the 17lb bag. I am disappointed that the rebate is only for 7 or 8 lb bags. I do hope the larger size will be considered for the rebate.

  • Louie Gedo

    World’s Best Cat Litter (WBCL) is far and away the best. I’ve bought every brand available on the market, even other corn-based brands. None compare to the effectiveness, safety, and convenince of WBCL. Yes of course the price is going to reflect the quality of the product but if you want a litter that out-performs all the rest, do yourself and your kitty’s a favor and replace your current litter.

    Btw, there’s a free contest (ends soon though) on Facebook in which you can win WBCL (jumbo and other size bags):

  • Theo

    For those having trouble printing or even viewing the coupon….I’m a Mac person and it wasn’t showing up accessing through Safari….I copy/pasted the link into my Firefox browser and it opened without any problem….was able to print without problem too. Just came home with my bag of litter!! Very cool!!

  • http://? Sharon Roberts

    I am so anxious to try this new cat litter! Please send me a coupon to get a ten dollar coupon, so I can try it. This cat litter seems perfect for my cats Lady Violet and Sir Rowdy Riley. I really appreciate it very much because I am on a fixed income.





  • JenniferSmolinski

    I would really like to try this cat litter~am owner of 3 bengal cats and am looking for some help with keeping the smell in check and to make my cats happy! Please advise as were I can find this coupon!
    J. Smolinski

  • Virginia DePas

    I would like to try The worlds best cat litter…as I have two cats and a half grown kitten.I heard about from from someone just recently. Please send me a coupon I am anxious to try it. Thank you.
    V. DePas

  • Jane

    I want to try this cat litter for my two cats. Please send me a coupon, so I can try it.

  • KIM


  • Mary

    Just printed rebate form…seems that coupons are no longer available…unless I’m looking in the wrong place.

  • Anne

    I printed out the rebate for the cat litter, but did not encounter any coupons when I clicked the highlighted section for $10 worth of coupons. How can that be accessed?

  • Nancy

    It is always the way, say its free on TV mind you, and pull out your hair trying to find where you get the coupons or rebate! Whatever!

  • karly

    do not have a printer to print out a coupon where can I get a free bag of the worlds best cat litter to try

  • RedRoady

    I have a ferret Rescue. This is Great Stuff. No more kicking litter out. It doesnt smell. It lasts…..Finally someone gets it.


    It is so wonderful to have company over and they never knew I had cats until they came out to be seen. No order, no nothing, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE PERIOD. BOOHAY FINALLY YEAH


    March 8th, 2011 at 05:26 pm

    It is so wonderful to have company over and they never knew I had cats until they came out to be seen. No order, no nothing, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE PERIOD. BOOHAY FINALLY YEAH

  • fawcett and solace

    It is so wonderful to have company over and they never knew I had cats until they came out to be seen. No order, no nothing, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE PERIOD. BOOHAY FINALLY YEAH

  • wendie

    mewo, mewo from my 4 cats…..thx

  • Tiea

    This no longer works. :(

  • Emily

    I tried one week to buy regular cat litter when I was a little short on funds and omg I will never do it again! This litter is top notch and my house doesn’t stink like a cat box anymore! My 4 cats love it! This is the last litter I will ever buy!

  • bettaboy

    The reason why this is the “best” or one of is because cats do not have the liver enzyme (and other) systems to detox even natural fragrance products (which are not non toxic we and other creatures have just evolved over time to be able to deal with most)…. so any fragrance product (and synthetic is worse – made from left over petro sludge from the petro business ie perfumes so on are esp toxic to all life) is worse and cats are great “alerts” for those with chemical injury.

    Second – clumping clays – the dust can settle in the lung tissue and literally over time act like cement. The while crystal balls get ingested, swell up and cause death.

    (pre vet sciences and biochemistry so on)

  • Jeremy

    Nice! Thanks for the cool info on the cat litter coupons that you offered. Printing the rebate is actually something I was looking for and I am going to do it ASAP.

    Thanks so much!

  • Vicki Simpson

    I am trying to get coupons or rebates for the cat litter but all the sites come up unknown – can I please get coupons?

  • st.cloudsue

    This site is officially down :(

  • Slemm

    Hi. I have two cats that go to the box several times a day. Even though all the other products say that it keeps oder locked in they never really do. I went and bought one bag of this litter and it worked. I am now making the litter myself with popcorn seeds and baking soda. It works just as well and takes some time but it is worth it and works just as well.

  • http://yahoomail lisa griego

    i just rescued this little cutie ,he was a wild kitten .we caught his mom and his other siblings as well.we took them to the vets had them fixed got them their shots and released them,but we kept the little boy.he”s great .so, we’ve been trying different cat litters and excited to try this brand!

  • Fatcat123

    Hey everyone if you have cats like I do get this free bag of worlds best litter for free toto web site for info toto for printable coupon

  • Fatcat123

    Salt for snow litter for oil

  • Fatcat123

    Sorry if you can not get I but try again it’s worth it a free $ 10.00 item is always good

  • Fatcat123

    Does popcorn and baking soda really work?

  • DavidMacDonald

    could you please tell me what to buy and how to make the litter myself  we cant find this litter in our area and i cant take the smell anymore its making me very ill thank you