Free Zyrtec Sample & Coupons

Walmart is giving away some free Zyrtec samples and coupons, which is just in time for spring blossom! … Wait, isn’t this a few month’s too late? Do people get bad allergies during the fall and winter? I rarely leave my protective apartment cocoon, so I don’t know much about the outside realm.

The “Get Special Savings” button will take you to a page where you can print $2 and $4 coupon. To get the sample, click on “Zyrtex 10mg Tablets.” There are quite a few states that don’t love their residents and want them to suffer from allergies year round, however. They include: Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

  • Andrea

    I could give you 10 more reasons off the top of my head why Massachusetts doesn’t love the people that live here but I don’t think that’s the intention of your post.

    Let’s just say I am not surprised MA doesn’t allow a free sample of these meds.


  • Tejastoolman

    hmmm seems to be no hook up for Texas either

  • Pamela

    None for Iowa? We have allergies too ya know. HAHA!! :)

  • Marty

    Texas is the biggest state out there, they gotta have the “MOST” allergies I’d think

  • pat johnson

    Can’t find any click for free sample, writing from Colorado.

  • Sarah

    Do people have allergies in the fall? Yes; especially in the midwest. Sadly no Zyrtec for us.

  • Sue

    Also can’t find any link, I registered and everything! I like Zyrtec, but buy the store brand instead, it’s much cheaper. Nevada

  • mom1965


  • Are y’all certain Texas and other states aren’t participating? It’s available to pick on the drop-down list when filling out the form.

  • Maria

    I’ve gotten a free sample of zyrtec a few months back, but this time there was no “get your sample” link. (Michigan)

  • Maureen

    Hey all of you that can’t find it. Not having a life or vacation plans for the long weekend, I clicked all over the page. Go to the left hand side where it lists the 3 kinds of Zyrtec. Click on “Zyrtec 10 mg tablets” and it will flip you to another page where there is a free sample link (no free samples for the drops or children’s). Maria, I’m in Michigan, too, and it works.

  • Jimmie

    When you get to the screen click on the Zyrtec 10 mg pills. It is a little red strip. Then it will come up about the pills and right below it on the left hand side you will see where it says… get free sample. Hope this helps everybody. I got mine in.

  • michelle

    ty Maureen……… I couldnt find it either! when you go to the link it DOESN’T say *free sample*………you have to click on 10 mg tablets (left side), THEN you will see below it…. a free sample for 10 mg tablets! thanks, got it now!