Amazon Cash: Free $10 Amazon Credit for New Members

Amazon is still running their Amazon Cash promo. As the name suggests, it's a way for you to turn cash into Amazon credit at over 30,000 participating retail locations. While that might seem counter intuitive to some, I know there are people out there like yours truly who tend to spend cash in my pocket far faster than if I put it in the bank or have it as store credit.

Since people love free money, they're offering $5 in free Amazon credit to new users when you add $20 to your account thru 3/31/21! Simply generate a barcode by clicking the “Get Your Barcode” near the top left. Then either print it out or send it to your phone via text and visit a participating merchant like CVS, Gamestop, 7-Eleven or a dozen more stores. You'll then pay $20 in cash and have the store scan your barcode, which will give you $25 Amazon credit!

So in effect, you pay $20 and get $25 in Amazon credit! You can then go online immediately and spend the credit on anything Amazon sells.

The free promotional credit expires 4/30/21, so make sure you to redeem it before then.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

10 comments on “Amazon Cash: Free $10 Amazon Credit for New Members”

    • I logged into Amazon, searched “Amazon cash,” printed the barcode and brought it to Gamestop. They scanned it and asked how much I wanted. I bought $60 and I saw that it was credited to my Amazon gift card total. That part was easy. The NEXT part I haven’t done, yet. I now have until the end of July (I think) to use the $60. I think I need to use it all in one purchase to get the $15 bonus to kick in. I’m not sure if $15 will be taken off my purchase total or if $15 will be added to my gift card total. If anyone has received the credit, I’m interested in the details involved there.

  1. A ten-dollar bonus for a $30 deposit? I thought it was a $15 bonus for a $60 deposit. Can you get ten on thirty? That’s a 33% bump, instead of 25%.

    • You pay the $20. So essentially it’s like buying or loading a gift card. But instead of a card, the cashier scans your printed barcode which sends the $20 directly to your Amazon account. But your account will actually have $30.
      At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it means. I had to read the description a few times myself before it made sense.


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