Free Pair of Glasses

Free Pair of Glasses via

Free Pair of Glasses

Current Coastal Deals

Currently code BOGO is Coastal's best glasses offer. You get 70% off one pair of glasses AND a free second pair!. That gives you 85% off two pairs of glasses total!

If you want a pair of designer glasses, code SHINE15 will give you 15% off those.

For buying contact lenses, code THANKS15 will take $15 off any order $99+.

New customers get 15% off their first order with free shipping and no minimum purchase required!

Finally don't forget Coastal has a weekly deals and sales page along with a coupon codes page. Sometimes the deals are hit and miss, but they're definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for new glasses or contacts!

If you've never placed an order with, you should know that you still qualify for a free pair of regular frame prescription glasses (all you pay is shipping, which should come under $15). I think it's one of those inalienable rights the Founding Fathers bestowed upon us, along with freedom and the ability to throw away green beans whenever you want because they're gross.

It's not just for adults either! In addition to almost 400 pairs of free adult frames, they have 39 eligible ones for children as well. Just in time for school too, so no more “Mom, I'm failing math because I can't see” excuses. I know that one worked wonders for me from the 5th to 7th grade.

Free Pair of Glasses

In order to get a free pair of glasses, you need to:

  1. Click the link above, then click “shop free glasses” on the left.
  2. Pick your glasses from the available frames and enter coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout.

The code should work through the end of the month and note you'll need to pay shipping, but the glasses themselves are free.

You can also use the code to get an additional 10% off any upgrades. If this is your first time buying glasses online, then have fun looking like an idiot in front of a mirror. It's totally worth it though. I'd been wearing the same broken pair of glasses since high school, so it was hard passing up an $80+ free pair of glasses like this!

Free Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Free Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Free Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

You can get 2 free Salonpas pain relief patches again through Checkout51! This freebie is only available via the app, but it takes just a few seconds to sign up.

  • Download Checkout51.
  • Search for “Salonpas” in the top search bar.
  • Click “Get Sample: Salonpas” – Be sure to click the words and not the little white + button.
  • Click the blue “Get This Sample” button.
  • Enter your address!

After that, your freebie should arrive in 6-8 weeks because what's two more months of back pain?!

Free Tena Intimates

Free Tena Intimates

Tena's one of the few old-school freebie companies still pumping out new offers like this free Tena Intimates sample. Not only is it free, but you can choose from four different offers.

I'm still a few years away from needing these, so I haven't the slightest what I'll do with my freebie. I'm sure it'll be something other than what they're originally intended for though. Similar to what I currently do with all my free magazines.

Sure, they make for an interesting read, but when combined with duct tape they also make a great pair of slippers and/or pirate hat!

Free Yoga Classes and Book

Free Yoga International Membership AND Yoga Book! 🧘

Free Yoga Membership

Free Yoga Book

Amazon is offering the Yoga Beginner's Bible Kindle Edition for free for a limited time!

Yoga: The Yoga Beginner's Bible
63 Illustrated Poses for Weight Loss, Stress Relief and Inner Peace. The Yoga Bible is a definitive, complete manual for rehearsing yoga and finding a mental and physical equalization in life.

This book comes with 63 illustrated poses to help yoga beginners learn just what the heck they're supposed to be bending into.

When checking out, make sure the price is $0.00 and you click the orange “Buy now with 1-Click” button. This will enable you to download the book for free!

Free Yoga Classes

Now where to use your new free yoga book? How about in a free yoga class?!

Both Groupon and LivingSocial are offering a free 90-day trial membership to Yoga International.

Free Yoga Classes and Book

This membership is to an online yoga studio with access to stream classes anywhere, on any device. Members get access to 1,000+ yoga classes, guided challenges, and courses with new content added daily.

After you get your free voucher, redeem it on Yoga International to get started.

A valid credit card is needed on file in order to get this freebie, but you won't be charged. ⚠️Pay attention though, because at the end of the 90-day trial period, you will be automatically enrolled into a Yoga International membership and charged $14.99 a month! However, you can avoid this by canceling your account anytime at In fact, here's how you cancel your account πŸ˜‰

Make sure to read that paragraph above! ☝️

I can't wait to pull my back and look like a goofy idiot from the comforts of my own home!

Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film

Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film

Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film

I always have trouble writing a post about something like these free VCF contraceptive films. I'm not even qualified to use one of these things, much less write something witty about them. Remember the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell had absolutely no idea what to do with the condoms? Yep, that's me right there.

Ladies, the line forms to the left! Single file, please!

[Thanks to Hiffer Kate for the reminder on this!]

Free Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

Free Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

This free Biofreeze pain relief gel works wonders for whenever you're in pain, but can't find a walk-in freezer to sooth your aching muscles. I've actually used this stuff for years and it's way better than Icy Hot.

I signed up for this three times to test it out. My VA address was rejected, but NY and SC were good to go, so YMMV.

Thanks to my aforementioned migraines, I happened to discover Biofreeze when I started HIF and instantly fell in love. Imagine Icy Hot on steroids. I put so much on my shoulders that I swore it was going to fry the skin off and while I know that doesn't sound too appealing, anybody with muscle or back pain knows how much of a “good hurt” that burning sensation can be. And that's coming from a guy who cries whenever he gets a hangnail!


Free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste


2019 Update: Over the years, Arm & Hammer used almost a dozen different websites to give away this freebies. It felt like whack-a-mole chasing them down. They were also one of the only freebies where you had to copy and paste the URL in order for it to work. You couldn't click a link! And the bugs! Oh man, the freebies were always around, but the sites were bugged out at least 40% of the time.

Sadly, I'd trade what we have now for all those bugs. Why? Because Arm & Hammer no longer offers this freebie. 😭 After over a decade, it is no more!

I'm not joking when I say this was a huge, perpetual freebie. I must have mentioned it on two dozen interviews and news articles alone. It's sad to see it finally expire, but it makes me smile thinking how many hundreds of thousands of Hiffers had clean teeth thanks to this freebie!

I mad so many jokes about this sample over the years, that some of them were actually good! I decided to compile my favorite ones below. Just because this freebie died doesn't mean our sense of humor has to as well!

Don't worry either! If this freebie comes back, I'll be the first to know πŸ™‚

I never really understood the name of this brand. Arm & Hammer? What does a hammer have to do with getting rid of odors or cleaning your teeth? And then look at the arm a little closer. It's a left shoulder, but a right hand. Who has an arm like that?! Have you ever actually seen an arm like that? And if so, was it holding a hammer? See, these are the things I spend my time thinking about while other people just see a link to some free Arm & Hammer toothpaste, sign up for the stuff, and then go about their day.

Every time I stumble across some free Arm & Hammer toothpaste I can't help but wonder if they couldn't have picked a better logo. I understand how the A&H logo is widely known and recognized, but still, neither an arm nor a hammer are objects that I want near my teeth.

This free Arm & Hammer toothpaste campaign has been running for over a year, which means we should all have brilliant teeth by now. Is dentistry even an employable field anymore? I almost feel bad for putting them out of work, but then again, they seemed to enjoy drilling my teeth a little too much.

This stuff always reminds me of my dad. When I was a kid, he used nothing but Arm & Hammer toothpaste and I would always sneak into the bathroom to use it since my bathroom was always stocked with pink bubble-gum or all-natural toothpaste. So as I was signing up for my free Arm & Hammer toothpaste, I couldn't help but think of my dad and swiping his toothpaste.

Here's another oldie but goodie sample, though for some reason this free Arm & Hammer sensitive toothpaste link demands we copy & paste it instead of clicking it. They sure nailed the sensitive aspect down.

You may have to copy and paste the link for free Arm & Hammer truly radiant toothpaste. Because nothing quite radiates after I take a hammer to it? I like how it says we'll never go back either. Like somebody took a hammer to the door we just walked through.

Free Cal-EZ Calcium Supplement

Free Supplements

Free Cal-EZ Calcium Supplement

Free supplements pop up from time to time. Below are a list of past free supplement and vitamins that we've found, stretched back about a decade. I've also included a few of the random jokes we made along the way! πŸ™‚

There's a small β€œfree samples” button in the lower right that allows you to request free Nordic Naturals supplements. You get to choose between a Wellness, Pet Essential, and a Child Pack. Now we get to wait 6 to 8 weeks then have our kids down some mystery pills sent in the mail by strangers!

According to a panel of experts consisting of me, the slogan for free Beast nutrition supplement is β€œAHHHHHH, A BEAST, RUUUUUUN!”

With this free Everlast supplement, you get to choose from Energy or Recovery. I went with recovery, because I'm hoping that if I use it despite not exercising, maybe I can trick my body into thinking I exercised. It's part of my long-term goal to get in shape without ever working out.

I'd be happy to share my results so far, but that will have to wait for later as I'm getting winded typing this post.

Today's free Basic Greens sample is a nutritional supplement that claims to have 15 servings of vegetables and fruit in every glass. Clearly they've industrialized the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids shrink ray. At least that's the only explanation I've got as to how they cram over two dozen servings of greens into a 9 gram bag.

If this free Rage supplement isn't a supplement, that means we're getting free rage. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I'm happy with my current low levels of burning anger.

Costco is offering a free Align Probiotic supplement, which is … I have no idea. And that's after spending 10 minutes Googling β€œprobiotic.” No matter what link I clicked, I kept ending up at its Wikipedia page for a few minutes before realizing my eyes had glazed over. I'm not even paying attention right now. Am I still typing? I should probably hit the Publish button.

If you woke up this morning feeling a bit light on calcium and you haven't fully committed to going green by replacing your lawnmower with a cow, then sign up for some free Cal-EZ calcium supplements.

Ohhhh, this free Align Probiotic supplement contains B. infantis 35624 instead of last year's B. infantis 35623? That's the newest software update! I think it added wifi capabilities.

These free Nature's Bounty adult gummies reminded me of my youthful supplement: Flintstones vitamins. Those suckers were amazing and frankly I didn't believe they were healthy since they tasted like candy. In fact, I blame them for my current addiction to M&Ms.

To add insult to injury, they didn't even come through on their promise. I thought if I ate enough, I could power my first car like Fred did in the cartoon. Imagine my shock when I learned I couldn't run fast enough after I'd cut the bottom out of my car.

This free Curamin dietary supplement has both curcuminoids and Boswellia, so you know it's gonna be good!

I actually read that last ingredient as “boll weevils” and thought to myself, “well, that's one way to lose some weight.” I know, it's shocking that I'm not a licensed doctor.

Very few freebie forms contain a salutations field, but this free Nature's Bounty fish oil is one of the exceptions. I enjoy it because it's the only time I get to go by Dr. Goob.

It'll take 4-6 weeks for our free Theanine Serene supplements to arrive, so that'll give me plenty of time to Google “what is theanine” and “do I need theanine?” and “can theanine give me super powers?” You know, all the important questions.

This free Natrol Welcome Pack comes with free samples of their supplements or medicine or vitamins or whatever it is they sell. I don't get how companies can give away free meds like this. It's obviously not prescription strength (right?!), but still, it baffles my poor little mind. Then again, so does El Nino and mirrors, so what do I know? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go try and kill my evil twin who always taunts me in the bathroom.

Previous Samples

These are the types of supplements you can expect as freebies.

  • Airborne
  • Align Priobotic
  • Avoca
  • Basic Greens
  • Beast Nutrition
  • Cal ez Calcium
  • Curamin
  • Drinkables Liquid
  • Everlast
  • Firstshake
  • Lactaid
  • Mid Night Sleep
  • Musclegel
  • Nature's Bounty
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Theanine
  • Voots

Two Free Pedometers

Two Free Pedometers

There have been a ton of free pedometers given away over the years. They were a staple among the freebie world when I started HIF in the mid-aughts. Below are some of the random jokes we made.

As always, this page will update just as soon as the next company decides to give away some free pedometer swag!

Want to find out how many miles you walk in a day? Then get your very own free pedometer.

Does anyone else ever get a free pedometer and then vigorously shake it for a few minutes to make it look like they've been more active than they have? No, just me? Okay, carry on.

Golf Digest and Humana are teaming together to offer us a free pedometer. I hope they don't expect me to actually walk when I play golf. Driving around in the carts is half most all the fun.

On second thought, I hope they don't actually expect me to play golf.

If you take a short survey, you'll get a free pedometer in the mail from this company. I already got my free pedometer from a different offer months ago, but maybe I'll get two and attach one to each of my legs to see which foot takes more steps.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas last week, because I certainly did. I had a house full of friends and family, so I did the unthinkable and closed my laptop for a few days. My hands literally tried to resist as I ordered them to perform the task, but they finally relented when I promised to soon fill them with freshly baked cookies. It was a risky plan, especially since I ended up eating about 9 million cookies, but I think it was totally worth it. Plus there's a free pedometer offer out there that I can put to good use burning off the recently added pounds! Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably only wear it as I walk back and forth from the kitchen getting more leftover goodies.

Wow, I haven't seen a free pedometer offer in years, let alone two free pedometers from Cigna HealthSpring. These used to be all the rage in the freebie world from '06-08, but I guess Americans stopped trying to be healthy when the economy tanked. Sounds about right.

Why two freebies instead of one? Well duh, it's blatantly obviously. They want us to strap one to each hip and finally confirm once and for all that neither leg takes an extra step when we're not looking.

The free Nature's Bounty pedometer offer is back. Since receiving mine in mid-June, I've taken a grand total of 48 steps. Wait, that sounds way too high.

Three Free Hydroxycut Samples

Three Free Hydroxycut Samples

Hydroxycut has moved their freebie system over to an internal VIP club. All you have to do is make a free account and you'll be the first to hear about samples, coupons, and other freebies.

We used to be able to select up to three free Hydroxycut samples on their Facebook page, ranging from gummies to sprinkles. Sprinkles?! Heck yeah! I guess that means I can lose weight while eating tons of ice cream.