Free Knee Pads, Drill Bit, & Saw Blade

Milwaukee Tools is giving away a free pair of knee pads to anybody who needs them. They'll ask for your trade and I selected “DIY/Enthusiast” because I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of building something. Don't actually ask me to help with renovating your house though. My expertise starts and stops with “I think the hammer hits the nails.”

You might get an error message that says “We experienced a technical difficulty while processing your request. Your request may not have been correctly sent.” Just keep submitting the form and it should eventually go through. It took me like 5 minutes of hitting submit, so this form could be a little frustrating to some people.

Update: They also have a free MX4 drill bit and a free 7-1/4″ metal cutting circular saw blade available.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

3 comments on “Free Knee Pads, Drill Bit, & Saw Blade”

  1. I tried for over 10 min because you said it finally did work for you. Now I’m “reading in browser” and see you have the big red X of Hiffer Doom. Oh, well. Too good to be true. I felt like a lab rat being tested on how long I could do the same mindless task with no reward, only a promise. Gave the free Saw Blade a shot (not nearly as comfortable on the knees) but it doesn’t work either so, rats.


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