Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines has a new free Outside magazine subscription offer available.


Very funny, Mercury Magazines. Give us a freebie completely centered around something we can't experience. Outside. What even is “outside” anymore? I don't believe it ever existed in the first place!

After filling in the job fields, Mercury Magazine will show you the freebie stock. My “job function” also changes each time I get a Mercury Magazine freebie. My new occupation is whatever I can click the fastest πŸ˜€

Then, once you submit your address, the signup process is complete. Any “bonus” offers shown after can be totally ignored.

Free Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription

Free Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines has a new offer available that casual drinkers will love – a free one year Wine Spectator magazine subscription! This freebie is worth $10.

I'm not sure why anybody would want to watch wine, especially when they could be drinking it, but to each their own. I'm personally a Shiraz fan and I don't know about you, but all this talk about wine is making me thirsty. Thankfully it's almost 5pm and … let's be honest here, even if it wasn't, that wouldn't have stopped me.

As with other Mercury freebies, you're finished once you submit your mailing address. Any further non-magazine offers can be ignored.

Free Elle Magazine Subscription

Here's a Mercury Magazines offer for a free 2 year print subscription to Elle magazine. This freebie retails for $20 on Amazon! I routinely forget how valuable these magazine freebies always are.

This freebie is also not to be confused with Elle Decor, which I totally just did. The main different is one has Decor in the name, while the other doesn't.

As usual, once you've submitted your mailing address, you can skip any “bonus” offers shown to you by closing the page.

Free Parents Magazine Subscription

Free Parents Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines are back with a fresh, free 2-year subscription to Parents magazine. Like with all other MM freebies, you're all set after you submit your mailing address. Ignore any “additional offers” and you'll come away with a 24 month freebie.

I don't know who owns Parents magazine, but I'd like to take this opportunity to pitch my services as an author. I may not be a parent, but I think being an older sibling certainly gives me an angle that warrants my own column. Heck, I could easily pound out a few thousand words on the Top Twelve Ways To Scare Your Sister or Eight Surefire Methods To Tie Up Your Brother by this time next week!

Free Woman's Day Magazine Subscription

Free Woman’s Day Magazine Subscription

Whoa, this free Woman's Day magazine subscription is another brand new offer from Mercury Magazines!

This 2-year subscription is valued at $10 and should arrive within 6-8 weeks. Like all other Mercury Mags freebies, your freebie request is complete once you submit your address. All “special offers” after the mailing address page can be ignored.

It's going to be nice to finally read this magazine, especially since they write about HIF all the time without telling me! I'm sure there are at least another dozen issues where I have no clue they mentioned HIF.

Free Maxim Magazines

Free Maxim Magazine Digital Subscription

Probably for good reason, but these free Maxim magazine subscription offers have become increasingly rare over the years. They might not be the epitome of journalism, but at the very least they can compliment your exercise routine. That recycling bin won't carry itself to the curb every week!

While free physical subscriptions are a bit rare, I just found this free digital Maxim subscription from Mercury Magazines! Like always,

The infrequency of these offers are okay with me, because I can never spell Maxim. I always type out “maximum” and the fact that I haven't mistakenly done so yet in this post is commendable. As a reward I think I deserve to have cookies for lunch.

Okay, fine, I'm just looking for an excuse to eat cookies.

Free Backpacker Magazine Subscription

Free Backpacker Magazine Subscription

Update: I'm an idiot, this is only for a single digital issue. My bad, folks.

Signup with Mercury Magazines today and come away with a free Backpacker magazine subscription. In my younger days, I backpacked around the world quite a bit. Now, I pretty much only backpack home from the grocery store. Living without a car is great until you buy weeks worth of food all at once!

Like all other Mercury Mags freebies, your freebie request is complete once you submit your address. All “special offers” after the mailing address page can be ignored.

Free Flower Magazine Subscription

Free Flower Magazine Subscription

Okay, now Mercury Mags is just trying to mess with me. Here's yet another brand new offer in the form of of a free Flower magazine subscription.

Flower is a go-to resource for inspirational decorating ideas for both inside and outside your home. Each issue is brimming with stylish interiors, easy entertaining ideas and DIY floral centerpieces. Plus, you'll travel to hidden gems and private sanctuaries around the world.

Oh, thank God. I've been looking for a go-to resource for all my inspirational floral decorating needs.