Dairy Queen Birthday Freebie

Dairy Queen Birthday Freebie
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Boooo Dairy Queen! You probably saw the image above and immediately thought that Dairy Queen's birthday freebie was a free Blizzard. But then after three clicks and a printed coupon you find out that it's just a $3 off sheet cake and BOGO Blizzard drink offer.

Those sneaky punks. If there's one thing you don't toy with, it's my hopes and dreams for a free gift of liquid sugar.

Gotta Say I'm Disappointed

You know, I have a reputation of calling it like it is here on HIF. This birthday reward simply stinks.

We have a custom build database to track all these birthday offers. One category we track is national presence for each restaurant, on a scale of 1-5, based on the number of states they have physical locations. Size 1 restaurants are regionally based in up to three states. For Size 5, we're talking about “nationwide” companies with locations in at least 40+ states.

DQ is Size 5.

I would argue that Dairy Queen has the worst birthday freebie of all nationwide Size 5 restaurants that we track! A $3 coupon just … eh. The monthly Dairy Queen coupons and deals are nice, don't get me wrong! But we're talking about a birthday freebie coupon instead of an actual birthday freebie here! Hundreds of other companies figured out how to reward their fans with great annual free treats, but the DQ birthday offer is still fumbling the ball. It feels like this should be a no-brainer free blizzard coupon promo, but … that's sadly not what we get.

If you're looking for an actual free birthday drink, then I suggest the much better Starbucks free birthday reward. You can also check out our rankings of the best birthday freebies in the country to find other nationwide free birthday stuff!

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