Dippin’ Dots Birthday Freebie

Dippin' Dots Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free small cup of Dippin' Dots
  • Dessert
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Sean Spicer may hate Dippin' Dots, but I'll keep loving them as long as their Dippin' Dots birthday freebie keeps rolling on in!

3 comments on “Dippin’ Dots Birthday Freebie”

  1. I couldn’t find anything at their merchandise store that wasn’t tacky. The $6 cell phone charm looks really cheap. Couldn’t find how much they were selling the mug for but then you have to ask yourself – do I love Dippin’ Dots that much that I want to have 2 of their mugs (assuming you bought one)… I didn’t think so.
    Their birthday freebie is horrible, especially for an icecream store. I can go to Outback Steakhouse around a birthday and just mention upcoming birthday to the server for a free desert (none of this 10% off crud).


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