Eucerin Skincare Lotion Freebies

Eucerin has given samples away for years. In fact, they released six different freebies during our inaugural 2006 season! Sadly they're not longer a freebie stable, but we're all invited to “build a stronger first line of defense” with these free Eucerin lotion samples and coupons. Don't fall for it! A strong padlock, loud dog, and bazooka are all better defenses than body lotion. I don't see how squirting a burglar with body lotion would get him to flee. That is unless he broke in to steal your lotion!

Here are some samplings of freebies past.

Old HIF Jokes

This offer reminded me of how silly silent letters are. My last name starts with a silent E and it's pointless. Sure, they can be fun when convincing children that cat is spelled with four silent Qs, but beyond that, what's the point? Somebody should get to work on eliminating those.

Exactly how far can this free Eucerin lotion go in repairing dry skin? Sometimes you hear people refer to skin as leathery and long story short I scuffed up my leather jacket last winter and need to fix it.

Oh brother. In order to get a free Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion, you have to take the “Skin First Pledge” and put the health of your skin first! In other words, just like them and then fill out the form.

I hate empty, hollow pledges and promises that companies try to get people to make. It's like elementary school all over again. Tell ya what, let's all make a pledge never to make a vapid pledge to a company. Although that might go against my anti-pledge pledge and the more I say “pledge” the weirder it sounds. Pledge. Pledge. Am I even saying it correctly now?

Now this is how you do a freebie! Make it abundantly clear that the offer is for free Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion, put the signup form on the first page, and keep it short by only asking for my name and address. The only way this could be easier would be if the freebie was immediately delivered through your computer monitor. But that's just crazy talk. Everybody knows the government won't release insta-teleportation technology for another three decades.

Ahh…I think I've said too much.

The Eucerin Facebook page is asking people to take the Healthy Skin Pledge again in exchange for two free lotion samples. This is perfect for expressing my rebellious side. Since I'm too scared to break the law, I long ago resorted to breaking pointless promises.

You should have seen me in the 5th grade. My DARE officer ranted that medicine could be a drug, so I went to town that week and took an extra Flintstones vitamin every day. Just thinking it makes my heart race. I should get a leather jacket and motorcycle. Do they make training wheels for those?

I think I've broken more pledges in the name of freebies than in anything else in life. And that includes all the elementary school pledges that I was forced to sign. Facebook's free Eucerin Daily Protection moisturizing lotion wants me to “pledge to make skincare a priority for me, my family, and my friends.” Yeah, that's not gonna happen. I get enough crap from my friends. I'm not about to give them more ammo by calling out of the blue to inquire about their skin's moisture levels.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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