Firehouse Subs Birthday Freebie

Firehouse Subs Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free medium sub if you made a purchase within the previous 6 months
Today's Freebie Large drink with sub purchase
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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The Firehouse Subs birthday freebie has been rolled into their Firehouse Rewards program. However, fret not, for you still get a free medium sub every year! All you have to do is make a free account & join Firehouse rewards in advance of your birthday. Then either check the Firehouse Subs app or use the emailed coupon to redeem your free medium sub reward!

In fact, not only does Firehouse Subs spell out the free subs offer on their signup form (a rarity in restaurant birthday freebies), but they also have a detailed birthday sub FAQ section (my God, other restaurants, please take notice!) that states the following:

The offer has not changed. It is still a Free Medium Sub.

Given that I've eaten here a million times, I'm happy the Firehouse Subs birthday freebie is still a free entree. They're my favorite spot for a fast food sub. I always found they made Subways sandwiches look as if they were made in an actual NYC subway.

One nice perk of their new freebie is that you can redeem it not just on your birthday but on the 7 days after it as well.

There's also no ID required to redeem the offer. All you have to do is set your date of birth within your Firehouse Rewards profile and you're good to go without any hassle.

This offer is also in addition to any free food rewards or discounts you earn via bonus points earned during the year. As you make purchases and earn points, you can redeem them for meal upgrades and other free stuff off their menu.

And of course I've added this to the birthday freebies list!

For children 15 and under

The age requirement for the free Firehouse birthday sub is 16 and over. However, parents of children under 15 can add them to their rewards profile and they'll get their choice from these two kids' birthday offers each year:

  • Free Kids' Combo with Purchase of a Medium or Large Sub, Chips and Drink or
  • Free Medium Sub with Purchase of an additional Medium or Large Sub, Chips and Drink.

Once your child reaches 16 years of age, they can move to their own free Firehouse rewards account and begin getting their own free medium sub sandwich each year.

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