Free BeingGirl Sample Kit

It's been seven months since we last posted the free BeingGirl sample kit, but lo and behold this freebie is still kicking. Not literally, which is good because I have weak shins.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Tampax Pearl Tampons
  • 1 Compak Pearl Tampon
  • 1 Always Infinity Maxi-Pad
  • 2 Always Pantiliners
  • 14 FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missile launchers
  • 1 Always Feminine Wipe
  • Some coupons

Okay, I made one of those up.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

26 comments on “Free BeingGirl Sample Kit”

  1. I’ve signed up for this before. I’ve gotten a coupon for a free package (18 count) of always infinity pads. That’s a legit freebie!

  2. i dont think it is over cuz it just worked for me! welllll hopefully it actually sends tho 😛 free pads are a college kids best friend…esp. such great brands!!!

  3. guys and missiles… If only PMS really meant Projectile Missile System! Women would be well equipped to ride the roller coaster of hormonally induced emotions at every turn!

  4. They dont list coupons, but they come with a $2 off Tampax Pearl coupon, & a Free coupon for Always pads. (Ive got this before)

  5. Whew!!! I’m glad it’s the coupons he made up. With three females in the house, I really need those missile launchers!!!

  6. Goob, you should repost this. I just received mine in the mail and was very excited for the coupon for a free pack of always pads. It’s still active, just ordered one for a friend.

  7. not only do these come but they come repeatedly if you keep ordering them..I’ve gotten three free packages of always infinity pads this way.

  8. I got this offer a while back also and mine also came with a coupon for a free 16 count pack of always infinity pads and so did my sisters I went to rite aid and no catch I got them without paying a cent!

  9. If any one that deals with young pre teen girls these are great. As a camp advisor we would place an order from the manufactur and then the first week of camp we would pass them out.

  10. I ordered back in February when Adam posted it. It came in about 5 weeks and also included a coupon for a free 18-count pack of Always Infinity pads (which retail at ~$6!)


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