Free EDCare 2024 Calendar

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Here's a returning offer that's being given away for the 9th straight year. In order to get your free EDCare 2024 calendar, you'll want to select “request a printed calendar” on this page. An address form should then appear and you should receive your printed calendar within the next 10-14 business days.

This freebie is aimed to help support those with an eating disorder. I didn't request this since I'm certain their supply is limited and I don't have an eating disorder, so I kindly request you only sign up for this if you or a loved one in your life can actually find use from it.

Every year our multidisciplinary treatment team puts together a therapeutic-based calendar dedicated to supporting those working toward eating disorder recovery.

This interactive tool can be used all year long by individuals who are just beginning their journey, those who are currently in treatment, and those who have achieved their recovery goals. This year our theme, GroundED in Recovery, is dedicated to helping individuals explore some of the most essential mental health tools, coping strategies, and grounding techniques used to achieve and maintain lasting eating disorder recovery.

You can also opt to download a digital copy if you want.

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