Free Instant Win Sweepstakes

During last year's freebie drought, I picked up two new habits.

  1. Making nude, moonlight dances to the Freebies Gods.
  2. Entering free, instant-win sweepstakes.

Only one has produced any positive results! But that didn't stop me from compiling a full list of instant win contests.

Since I originally started this, I've won 14 different contests for about $440~ in prizes! It's not a lot, but I only do it a few minutes each day, like while I'm watching TV or waiting for something to download. Over $400 in winnings isn't too bad with such a low investment.

With instant win contests, you can enter at least once a day, usually with nothing more than an email address. The trade off is that instead of winning a car or a house, you win a gift card or a prize pack.

However, I've had better results with these types of contests. If you think about it, companies never have trouble getting people to enter contests for mega prizes. Everybody and their cousin wants a free vacation, duh. But when companies offer multiple smaller prizes. every day, your odds go way up. Why?

  1. There are way more total prizes.
  2. There are less people entering.

So try your luck with these instant win contests and see if you can't pad your stocking a little this Christmas 😉

Free Instant Win Giveaways

Peelz Citrus196 Cash PrizesDaily04/02/21
White Claw “Find A New Wave”475 $180 Gift CardsDaily04/02/21
Gabe’s Spring5,190 Gift CardsDaily04/04/21
Auntie Anne’s “Basketball Buckets”21,600 Drinks, Pretzels +PlusDaily04/08/21
Mondelez “Nabisco Snack Bracket”192 Coolers, Gift Cards +PlusDaily04/09/21
Operation Mtn Dew Major Melon606 Gift Cards or BeaniesDaily04/10/21
Harley-Davidson81 Apparel Prizes +PlusDaily04/16/21
Tic Tac ‘Shake Up Easter’140 Speakers, Hammocks +PlusOnce04/30/21
Oreo “Sing it with Oreo”2,922 Prize Packs +Plus10x Daily04/30/21
Mountain Dew & Speedway1,067 Gift Cards, Tumblers +PlusDaily05/02/21
Mitchell & Ness x Budweiser124 NBA Swag or Gift CardsDaily05/10/21
Newport Payday Spin to Win2,223 Gift Cards or ChecksDaily05/11/21
Pall Mall Pause For a Prize281 Gift Cards + Various PrizesDaily05/24/21
Pepsi x Lay’s x UEFA408 Soccer Balls, Canteen Bottles +PlusOnce05/31/21
Smithfield “Taste Victory”292 Gift Cards, Tumblers, +PlusDaily11/14/21

Free Sweepstakes Giveaways

Entenmann’s Mini Acts of Kindness 5K5,000 Free Products +PlusDaily04/02/21
MadeGood “EGG-STREMELY GOOD”669 Gift Cards or ProductsDaily04/02/21
America’s Test Kitchen “Spring Forward”4 Prize PacksOnce04/02/21
SeaPak “Freezer Full of Seafood”1 Chest Freezer + ProductsOnce04/03/21
40 Days 40 Way41 Easter Baskets +PlusDaily04/03/21
Sparkling Ice ‘Slam Dunk’8 PS5, AirPods +PlusDaily04/05/21
Kellogg’s ‘Celebrity Crunch Classic’205 $100 Checks +Plus5x Daily04/08/21
HGTV $5,000 “Ultimate Outdoors”1 $5,000 CheckDaily04/08/21
Maker’s Hour Remarkable Home Bar68 Prize PacksWeekly04/11/21
T-Mobile $500 Visa Gift Card12 $500 Gift CardsWeekly04/13/21
Twisted Tea Suzuki1 MotorcycleOnce04/24/21
VSP Vision ‘See Happy’44 Gift Cards +PlusDaily04/30/21
Ann Taylor $1,000 Gift Card1 $1,00 Gift CardOnce04/30/21
Walmart February-April750 $100 Gift CardsDaily04/30/21
Cars The Best of 20211 Hyundai Venue SEL +PlusDaily04/30/21
General Mills PlayStationNow300 Playstation Now SubscriptionsDaily04/30/21
Roxy “California Dreaming”1 Trip to CaliforniaOnce04/30/21
Casillero del Diablo Hell’s Kitchen1 $500 Gift Card +PlusDaily05/06/21
Bacardi Rum Persona Quiz6 JacketsOnce05/22/21
Toyo Tires Great Escape6 $500 Gift Cards +PlusDaily05/31/21
Little Debbie LEGOLAND21 Prize Packs +PlusDaily06/30/21
Essie Birthstone Series1 Prize PackOnce06/30/21
Drake’s Coffee Cakes Webster’s Wonderful26 Prize PacksDaily06/30/21
Left Hand Brewing ‘Get Shamrocked’5 CoolersOnce07/31/21
Starbucks Customer Experience1,200 $100 Gift CardsMonthly09/30/21
Heineken Soccer710 Prize Packs +PlusWeekly10/31/21
Tuesday Morning Perks Card4 $500 Gift CardsDaily12/31/21
Omaha Steaks Quarterly ‘Free Steaks’4 Steak Prize PacksDaily12/31/21
Heineken ‘Star Quality’12 $1,040 Gift CardsDaily12/31/21
Oriental Trading “Your Big Day” $1,00012 $1,000 Gift CardsMonthly12/31/21
Tito’s Golf2,620 Golf Bags, More +PlusDaily12/31/21