Free TNT Fireworks Club

This freebie was originally posted on Dec 2, 2008 (!!!) and is available again.

Talk about a freebie offer that never quits! I first posted this free TNT Fireworks Club offer over a decade ago, but it's still kicking. I've even still got one of their stickers on my old laptop. There's also a poster, magnet, and some tattoos that come with this, but no fireworks unfortunately. I was looking forward to getting a stick of TNT and blowing something up like they do in the cartoons.

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  1. I signed up for the club at my local TNT (Fireworks City, OK – yes it’s real – about 10 houses and the TNT store). All I got was a membership card. But they send me early bird fliers with great coupons – better than a sticker and a magnet.


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