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Goob Is Gone Giveaway Winners

Get that nasty foot away from me!

Get that nasty foot away from me!

I’m back from Wakarusa and had a freaking blast despite mother nature’s intention. As a present for my absence, I won’t dilly dally or launch into a longwinded pointless story that only serves to delay announcing the winners!

The two winners from last week’s Goob Is Gone giveaway are:

Angel – scy…s@aol.com
Linda – kid…2@yahoo.com

I’ve emailed both and will send the cards out tonight. Thanks to everybody who entered and thanks for all the entries!

Goob Is Gone Giveaway

Not forever! Just for a few days! From today until Monday, I’ll be with my friends at Wakarusa, a music festival in Arkansas.

As opposed to other vacations, I have some posts queued to autopublish over the next few days. But I thought a few free prizes would make people more happy. Hopefully as happy as I plan to be this weekend! I included a few non-social media entry methods as well.

Be well until I return and play nice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gift Card Winners: Randi and Vivian!

Holy crap. Rafflecopter is awesome. It makes running contests significantly easier on my end. Expect more in the coming weeks.

But you probably don’t care about all that. “Goob, tell us who won,” you demand. “Was it me,” you shriek while leaping into the air and scaring your dog. Or not. It’s just a $25 gift card. You’re probably sitting there annoyed that I’m dragging this out. I should stop typing. Or keep typing, but stop typing this paragraph and instead type the winning names. I don’t know, it seems like I’m rushing it. We never get to talk. How was your day? Mine’s been great, thanks for asking. What are you up to tonight? I’m catching an improv show then going out for drinks. Should be fun! What were we talking about again?

Now you know the kind of crap my friends have to put up with :D

The two winners were:

Vivian – v…9@gmail.com
Randi – rain…@gmail.com

I’ve emailed them both and will send the cards out tonight. Thanks to everybody who entered!!

Two Random Free $25 Gift Cards

A) I’m bored.
2) I can’t find any freebies.
III) I missed a few on Tuesday since I was busy and feel bad.

So to make up for all that I’m giving away two free $25 gift cards to Amazon. I also want an excuse to test out this Rafflecopter thingamajig below. If it works as seamlessly as they promise, then it’ll be way easier for me to run contests in the future! The contest ends Friday, April 26, at 2pm EST and I’ll announce the winners right after that so that they’re included in tomorrow’s newsletter.

I created three ways to enter. You can leave a comment, make a tweet, or like HIF on Facebook. Each is worth 1 entry and you can mix & match any way you want. Tweet and comment. Just like HIF on Facebook. Or do all three! The combinations are literally endless!

Just a minute. Oh. I’m being told there are only 7 possible combinations. Now you understand why I write and tell jokes for a living instead of doing something important like building bridges or administering medicine.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

HIF Winner: Free $20 Amazon Gift Card

HIF Giveaway Free Amazon Gift Card

I’m safe and sound back home, meaning it’s time to pick a winner from yesterday’s free $20 Amazon gift card giveaway.

The winner?


Rebecca Mc! If she doesn’t get back to me within 24 hours, I’ll pick a new winner.

I read each and every comment (at least I think I did). Thanks for all the smiles and jokes! And yes, for future reference, I stripped out all the duplicate comments. There were only 1334 entries once I cleaned things up.

HIF Giveaway: Free $20 Amazon Gift Card

HIF Giveaway Free Amazon Gift Card

EDIT: This contest has ended.

I’m stuck in an airport all day, so I want to bring some happiness into the world to balance everything out. Leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a free $20 Amazon gift card!

I’ll pick a winner when I get home tonight. Good luck, everybody!

Bounce House Giveaway Winner

Free Bounce House Giveaway

Remember that awesome free Bounce House we gave away over the past two weeks? Sure you do, as I’m positive all of you entered, right?! Well, anyway, we have a winner!

So….. *drumroll*

Sharon C. (with a Yahoo email address) was our grand winner!

Thanks again to everybody who entered too! We’ve got a few more giveaways planned for March, so stay tuned.

Free Bounce House Giveaway!

Free Bounce House Giveaway

Hiffers! I am super excited to bring you this contest and announce that I’ve teamed up with BounceHousesNow to bring your a free Bounce House Giveaway with an ARV of $700!

Look at this thing. It’s magnificent. Where were these when I was a kid?! You know what I had to play with as a kid? A treehouse that I built with my best friend. It consisted of scrap plywood we found at a construction site, rusty nail from my dad’s garage, and a healthy dose of tetanus.

Don’t let your kids end up like me. So what are the details of this giveaway? Well, the full prize list is as follows:

  • Grand Prize: Win a free Misty Kingdom Bounce House and Ball Pit!
  • First Runner Up: Win a 75% discount off any residential bounce house.
  • Second Runner Up: Win a 50% discount off any residential bounce house.
  • Third Runner Up: Win a 25% discount off any residential bounce house.
  • Bonus Offer: Everybody who enters wins a $50 coupon off any purchase over $400.

How do you enter? It’s easy! Just fill out the Rafflecopter entry below and complete as many of the entry options as you like! Obviously the more you do, the greater your chances, but it’s entirely up to you. Like a few, like them all, send some tweets, leave a comment, whatever: it’s entirely up to you!

So pretend for a minute you win. Who are the lucky kids or man-child that will get to play on this?! *please say me, please say me, please say me*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Back To School Contest Winners

Back To School Giveaway

The 2012 Back To School giveaway ended yesterday, which means it’s time to hand out some prizes! I’ve included all the winner’s names and hometowns below the prizes they won.

If you believe you won, please email BTSwinner@gimmiefreebies.com immediately using the same email address you used to join the contest!

  • Macbook Air (MSRP $999)
    • Heather E., Lansing, MI
  • Flip Mino HD video camera with accessory pack (MSRP $300)
    • Nancy K., Rochester NH
  • TomTom GPS (MSRP $199)
    • Jessica G., Norwalk, CT
  • GPS Automobiles GPS (MSRP $100)
    • Kathleen H., Casper, WY
  • 12-mega pixel digital camera (MSRP $100)
    • Carrie B., Farmington, IL
  • 21 Backpacks filled with school supplies (MSRP $30)
    1. Lynn G., Aransas Pass, TX
    2. Pamela D., Bradenton, Fl
    3. Stephanie M., Windsor NY
    4. Jason L., Richmond, KY
    5. Amber S., Tomah, WI
    6. Michelle S., Clearwater, FL
    7. Kira A., Coeur d’Alene, ID
    8. Stephanie T., San Diego, CA
    9. Belinda S., Huntington WV
    10. Sarah Z., Morton, IL
    11. Barb V., Hopkins, MN
    12. Melinda M., Madison, AL
    13. Nicole S., Melrose Park, IL
    14. Harmony B., Brunswick, ME
    15. Sharon S., Valley, AL
    16. Vincent H., North Las Vegas, NV
    17. Kimberly V., Cedar Rapids, IA
    18. Mari M., Tyler, TX
    19. Karen J., Yuma, AZ
    20. Janette F., Reynoldsburg, OH
    21. Angie B., Dallas, TX

Thanks again to everyone who entered and congrats to all the winners! I received a ton of good feedback on this, so HIF will definitely be participating in more of these types of contests in the future.

Back To School $1700 Giveaway Contest

Back To School Giveaway

So it’s almost school time, which means A) thank goodness I’ve already graduated! and B) it’s time for a Back to School giveaway contest with 25+ items and $1700 in prizes!

Starting today, like right now, through Friday, August 24 at noon EST, you can enter to win one of the prizes listed below! You’re probably asking yourself how to enter, which is quite easy. There’s a form below that will give you one entry into the contest. You can also get extra entries every time you share this post on Facebook or Twitter. So it’s really up to you as to how and how many times you enter.

Crazy Awesome Prizes

  • Macbook Air (MSRP $999)
  • Flip Mino HD video camera with accessory pack (MSRP $300)
  • TomTom GPS (MSRP $199)
  • GPS Automobiles GPS (MSRP $100)
  • 12-mega pixel digital camera (MSRP $100)
  • 21 Backpacks filled with school supplies (MSRP $30)

Participating Sites:



Saving and More

Suburban Coupon Mom

Adventures in Coupons

I Heart the Mart

Hey, It’s Free!

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Go Momma Coupons


Monster Freebies

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Coupon Mamacita

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Couponin’ On Coffee

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No purchase necessary to win. This contest is not affiliated or administered by Facebook or Twitter. Liking on Facebook and Following on Twitter is not a requirement for entry. By submitting an entry you agree to these terms and conditions, with the knowledge that you’re giving your information solely for the purpose of receiving a prize if you win. Back to School Contest beings on Friday, August 10 at 12:00 p.m. (Noon), and ends Friday August 24 at 12:00 p.m. (Noon) Eastern time. Optionally, to increase your chances of winning, you may enter every day by sharing on Facebook and/or Twitter. Winners will be notified Friday, August 24, after Noon Eastern, and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.