Free Maxwell House Coffee

Free Maxwell House Coffee

This freebie was originally posted on September 9, 2013

First my parents say I’m not allowed to play with my food and now this free Maxwell House coffee offer says it was all a lie? It’s okay to put fake mustaches and googly eyes on things I’m about to eat? HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME THIS UNTIL TODAY?!

  • theresa b.

    Wouldn’t it be neat if the sample came with a fake mustache or hat?
    That would definetlly get my attention!

  • James

    New name, new email address, another sample!

  • kickformoney

    Sweet, which one are they going to send? I’m not a big fan of french vanilla or hazelnut.

  • Guest

    The system won’t recognize my address!

  • Tom

    all 3!

  • kickformoney

    No way, that would be awesome! Thanks for the heads-up! ( Sorry for the late response, Disqus really needs a new notification system. )

  • shorty

    No Longer Available, only offering a $.75 coupon now.