Free Murad Skin Care Samples

Murad boasts it's “clinically proven to increase skin's firmness by up to 42% within 10 minutes.” Now, what if I use triple the recommended dose? Will my skin become so firm it's impenetrable? Oh baby, all I want for Christmas is to become a super villain hero and take over the world take over the world!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you did absolutely nothing for 48 hours straight and then when you got up to go to bed Sunday night, there was a Goob-shaped imprint on the couch? Yeah, that was me this past weekend. I was a few microwavable meals and a bedpan away from never moving a muscle all weekend. I wonder if some free Murad samples and promo codes can help me get rid of this pasty complexion I developed.

Oh and if your imprint really is Goob-shaped, please let me know, because that means you're probably my long-lost evil twin. If there's anything Hollywood has taught me, it's that we have to fight to the death.

So there's been a section on the freebie forums called Hey, It's Free…To Help People! for months now, which I have yet to do a darn thing with. But I decided to change that today.

A few days ago I heard about, which is a non-profit website that specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs in third world nations. Using microfinancing, they are given small loans to be used to improve their daily lives before they ultimately pay the loan back to us lenders. To idea is to enable people to help themselves individually instead of simply throwing billions of dollars in aide to a foreign government and hoping it trickles down to the people. In fact, Muhammad Yunus recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his research into microfinancing and wrote a book called Banker To The Poor, where he details how effective the method is.

Just to give you an example, José Medina lives in Paraguay and is trying to raise $600 to purchase supplies for his handcrafts business. In 12 months time, he would have made enough money to repay the loan in full . They have had 2171 loans paid back in full and only 7 which have defaulted! Those are some darn good odds if you ask me.

Now, Kiva lets anybody loan money, but the minimum amount is $25. But I thought if anybody out there wanted to simply donate $5 or $10, that we could put our money together in a HIF pool or something and then pick a person to “sponsor” and help! It'd be kinda cool to think that all of us here at HIF specifically helped one person out there in the third world better their life!

So the basic plan of action is this: Donations of any amount can be sent to me, where I add them all together. No matter how much or little money we actually raise here, come September 12th, I'll post two or three different potential people that we can “invest” in to help them out. We'll take a day to pick a person and then I'll invest all the money I collected into their venture. We'll all be able to follow their progress along via I'll even post a progress bar here on HIF or something. Then when they ultimately (and hopefully!) succeed in their business, they'll pay me back. At which point, I'll announce that we need to pick a new person and start the process all over again!

The beauty of this is that your one time donation doesn't just help one person, but multiple people time and time again. If this is something nobody's interested in, no worries, but I thought since we all get so many freebies all the time, maybe we could muster up a little support and pass the baton to those who could really use it.

Thanks for taking part in this and here's to actually making a difference in the world!

Free Dove Shampoo and Conditioner Samples

Dove used to be king of Freebie Mountain. It's a thankless monarchy, but from 2006-2010, they held the crown by giving away over 50 different freebies! They even gave away a large, fluffy robe once! Sadly, those days have long passed, but I've managed to collect a few free Dove sample offers and coupons below. I also added a few of the classic jokes from over the years πŸ˜€

Congratulations! We've graduated from basic to free Advanced Dove hair products. I don't know how we passed with me sleeping through most of the classes, but here we are!

The signup form states “fill out this form to receive a free sample of Dove Hair.” So…we're getting dove hair? Not to sound ungrateful, but what the heck am I going to do with dove hair? Plus, I thought doves had feathers. If you think I'll rub dove feathers in my hair, then you must have been spying on me last Thursday.

For some reason, Dove Cream Oil sounds delicious to me. It sounds like a delicious dessert if you ask me. In fact, knowing my subconscious, I'll somehow order one of these the next time I'm out at dinner with friends or a date. The evening will be going well, I'll be witty and carry on some light banter all throughout the meal. Then the waiter will walk over, ask if we want anything else, and my mouth will somehow utter, β€œYeah! We'll have a little dove cream oil and some coffee.”

If you have a bottle of Dove Hair Care shampoo, then take a picture of yourself holding it and get a free Dove luxury bathrobe. You'll also have to write a short review about it, but you can alternately make a 30 second video.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it shouldn't take more than a minute or two. Plus the freebie is a luxury bathrobe! Just think of all the fancy parties you'll be able to wear it to! I'll finally be able to eat at the five star restaurant down the street without being told I'm under dressed. High society, here I come!

Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you as a concerned member of the freebie world. I'm no business executive, but I do know that in order to stay up and running, most companies need to sell various products for profit. With that in mind, I ask how in the world is Dove still operating? Every time I turn around, they're giving away endless amounts of samples, like the free Dove Pro-Age lotion.

But it's not just the fact that Dove is giving away countless freebies. There's the trend in product names. Pro-age? Isn't lotion supposed to be anti-age? Is the name supposed to be ironic? Is this a joke I'm not getting?

Some people might think I run a freebie website and develop relationships with the companies so that I can get even more free samples. Heck no! I just want their e-mail addresses so I can ask them what the heck their product names mean.

There's one thing I've learned about marriage, and that's that you never really have to buy shampoo and conditioner. Nope. Not anymore. The husband never has that responsibility anymore. You sort of just get into the shower, and all of a sudden, there's a huge over-sized bottle of something that smells fruity that promises smoother, silkier hair. And when you're out? You just shout “Honey! We're out of shampoo!” and suck it up with a bar of soap. The next day? A new super-sized bottle of something else.

But I guess with this sample of Dove shampoo and conditioner, I can bypass shouting for a day or so. Just a simple click at the bottom of the page on the “Free Samples” link and that'll be one day that I don't have to shout.

The laundry, however is a different story…

Free Marines T-Shirt

If you're a high-school aged individual with no desire whatsoever to join the military, then you might not want to sign up for this free Marines T-Shirt. I remember signing up for something similar back when I was a junior in high school and let's just say that I soon got on a first name basis with the local Marine recruiter. He used to call all the time, it was like I had a new friend! Then one afternoon, I was playing Final Fantasy 8 and defeated a monster that had been giving me so much trouble recently. I was in such a gay mood after that huge victory, that I couldn't help but tell everybody how gay I was right then! That evening was the last time I ever talked to him, for he mysteriously stopped calling after that…I've never figured out why…

Free MLB Live Gameday Audio

Just a bit outside!

It's tough being a huge baseball fan of a team you don't live near. I'm stuck listening or watching the nearby Orioles or Nationals, which sucks unless the Mariners are playing them πŸ™‚ However, has an awesome (but kind of pricey) service where you can watch or listen to any game nationwide via your computer. And from now until July 14th, they are letting your listen to any baseball game for free. It's pretty cool, you even get to pick which broadcast you want to listen in on, so if your team is playing an away game, you still can tune into your team's broadcast and listen to some heavily biased play-by-play!

Free Lanyards

My college gave out something similar to these free lanyards every year, except back then I called them Key Thingies To Swing Around. I think I nailed myself in the head while swinging my keys around approximately 92 million times in college. And it never once never messed never with me mind!

HIF’s First Secret Service Investigation

A while back I got an e-mail that caused quite a bit of laughing in the Goob Household. Luckily for all of you, fellow Hiffer Melissa said it was all right to share with the HIF community as well!

I love your site and wanted to let you know a little something that happened due to my new sample addiction. A bottle of energy drink I had ordered leaked during the shipping (potential bomb threat). The post office contacted the Secret Service and now I and the company that shipped it are being investigated.

Hahahaha. Oh, I love it. Not only do freebies provide a source of money saving and entertainment, but they also can get you in trouble for no good reason! Here's to hoping the Secret Service soon realizes that all Melissa wanted was a free pick me up drink to help her get through the day.

More Press Coverage!

Kathleen Ramirez, from the Ka Leo O Hawai'i newspaper, (I hope you can figure out where their located) wrote an awesome article about HIF that I recently got a chance to read. Their main website is down right now, but you can find the article below the fold.

I also want to thank David Pham, one of the newspaper's editors, for sending me copies of the newspaper and keeping me in the loop about the article's status. And remember, if you have a local newspaper, please send them an e-mail with a short little blurb about HIF and see if they might not want to write about us. The more, the better! πŸ™‚

Read more

Hey, It’s Free Press!

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by a few fantastic reporters who were interested in putting together a story on HIF and the freebie world in general for their respective newspapers!

The first article to come out was written for the FSView, the college newspaper for Florida State University. We conducted a phone interview for the story and I was pretty nervous. It was the first time I'd ever been in the interviewees shoes instead of the interviewer's, but I think the article came out pretty darn well.

The next article was written for the Ka Leo O Hawai'i newspaper, which represents the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. Their website is down at the moment, but the reporter, Kathleen, was nice enough to promise to send me a few copies of the newspaper itself! So as soon as I get them, I'll scan the article and upload it here to HIF!

The rest of the interviews I've given recently have yet to produce any articles, but I'm told that a few will be running in the near future. As soon as they do, I'll post them here on HIF. But I wanted to add that if you're a college student yourself, or have any friends that work for a newspaper or radio station and you want to help support HIF, then PLEASE e-mail them and let them know about HIF!

One of the best ways to get new readers here on HIF (and with that, new people who can find some freebies!) is to spread the word via any form of media whatsoever. Newspapers, radio, TV, even blogs! Each and every bit helps and with each new article comes new readers! Heck, even if you just e-mail your local newspaper and tell them about us, I'd be forever grateful, even if nothing ever comes of it. So thank you in advance for helping to spreading the word about HIF!

Free Hair Scrunchies?

I think I've found a site that's giving away free hair scrunchies, but I can't really tell since all the models on the site look far too serious to be showing off simple hair scrunchies. What is it with models and looking as if they're staring down the gaze of death. Does it hurt to smile? Does it make the product less appealing if it's no longer on the body of a human who looks scared? I'm at a loss here, folks.

This might be the first freebie marketed towards girls that I'll end up using, though, because this hair of mine has gotten out of control. I can barely see the computer monitor. In fact, I hope I'm publishing this post on HIF and not another one of my random sites. Oh well, time to hit the “Publish” button and find out!

Free Downy Laundry Detergent

It's been a while since we've seen some free Downy laundry detergent. The reason I know is because I'm down to my last pair of clean underwear and t-shirt. How do people keep all their outfits clean without freebies?!

While we wait for the next Downy freebie, here are a bunch of free Downy product coupons.

When I was in college, I used to do laundry once every 8 months or so. I figured if I wore a pair of jeans 21 days in a row, then it really didn't matter if I wore them a 22nd or not. But to be honest, part of my aversion to laundry was because I had no extra money for silly things like β€œdetergent” or β€œ3 quarters for the laundry machines.” Oh, how life could have been different had I known about freebies like these free Tide & Downy simply pleasures back then!

This free Ultra Downy isn't like that other regular Downy detergent. No, this stuff is Ultra, which is way better than that other crap. How so, you ask? Well heck if I know, but I can assure you that no company would every casually toss around a word such as Ultra in their product name.

What are these free Downy Unstoppables supposed to stop? Stains? Crazy ex-girlfriends? Myself from eating an entire pan of brownies? There are so many options!

Free Google Voice Phone Number

Free Phone Number & Voice Mail

Did you know Google Voice will give you your very own custom phone number, for free?

It allows anybody to sign up for a brand spankin' new phone number complete with voicemail that you can access on-line or via telephone. So let's say somebody asks for your phone number, but you're not comfortable giving out your home or cell number. Well, just give them your Private Phone number! Then, when they leave a message for you, you'll be alerted via e-mail or text message telling you that you've got a new voicemail. You can then either call your Private Phone number and enter your pin or go to your on-line account and listen to it! It even comes with caller ID, so that if you decide you want to call the person back, their number is right there for you to see.

You can pick virtually any area code you want, which is nice in that you won't look suspicious when giving out the number since you can pick your own area code. You can also record a custom message, so it sounds like your actual personal voicemail. Plus another cool little feature is that all of your voicemails are automatically recorded and uploaded to your on-line account, where you then can share them with your friends via e-mail or your blog or something! A friend of mine used to have a disposable cell phone account that he posted on his site where he asked people to call and leave funny/drunk/random messages and then he'd upload them to his site. It sure would have been a lot easier had this service been around back then!

Which leads me to this! I created a phone number (864-761-0065) just for my websites. I'm posting this on my other sites as well and asking people to call it and leave something funny! Heck, just call it if you're bored and have nothing else better to do! If I get anything interesting or cool, I'll post the audio recordings* of them up here on HIF to share with everybody else! In fact, leave your number in the comments and I might even give ya a buzz πŸ™‚

*None of your private info is said in the audio records, it's just the voice message you leave. So you can trust that I won't be posting your actual phone number on here for everybody to see!