Free Martian Gardening Simulant

Free Martian Gardening Stimulant

Let's face it – none of us are likely to make it to Mars. I know, I know, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, we can get our very own piece of Mars for free!

The Martian Garden is giving away a free sample of free Martian gardening stimulant to students, teachers, and space enthusiasts.

Wait, this is supposed to help stimulate a garden? Isn't Mars barren? 🤔

free organic lettuce seeds

Free Organic Lettuce Seeds

Any time I've ever tried to start a garden, I've either A) forgotten about it, B) forgotten about it, or C) What was I talking about again? That won't stop me from requesting these free organic lettuce seeds though!

I really shouldn't even bother though, I'm about as nourishing as the surface of Pluto. I'm pretty sure there's a clause buried in Obama's recent stimulus plan about me being banned from ever having children.

Please note, in order to request these free seeds, you need to promise to donate some of the produce you grow to your local food bank. Whether or not they'll actually want or accept what I manage to grow is another story.

Send Your Name to the Sun

Send Your Name to the Sun

Last year NASA let us shoot our names off to Mars. It was the closest I'd ever come to being an astronaut. At the very least, it was a cool way to let our future alien overlords know which ones of us appreciated space. Maybe they'll spare us.

However, with the current state of affairs in today's world, I think this new freebie seems a little more on point. To heck with Mars, let's send our name into the sun!

You have until 4/27/18 to sign up and have your name fly aboard the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft. This probe will go closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before it, as it plunge's through the Sun's atmosphere and is embraced by the warm, cleansing heat of our nearest star.

Still confused? Let this video by William Shatner answer none of your questions and leave you even more baffled.

Free National Park Maps

Free National Park Maps

One of HIF's most popular pages is our free state maps section, where I keep a running list of every free highway and road map available. Well today I added a new site to the list – free National Park maps! This site is run by a map enthusiast who also works as a park ranger. He's compiled over 1,600 high maps and I cannot confirm nor deny that I spent hours just surfing his site today.

free wildflower seeds

Free Cheerios Wildflower Seeds

Cheerios is giving away free wildflower seeds today. It might seem a little weird for a cereal company to be giving away flower seeds, but it's a little-known fact that a pinch of pollen is part of a healthy, balanced breakfast.

I wonder if this is a marketing ploy to convince people to plant Cheerios.

I was also able to find this $1/2 General Mills Big G Cereals coupon.

free weed alert poster

Free Weed Alert Poster

Some people like to keep track of all the different birds they've seen. Others enjoy marking off all 50 states license plates. However a new hobby has entered the arena: weed spotting!

Just pick up this free weed alert poster, head outside, and prepare to be … well, probably bored looking at weeds.

Free Sunflower Seeds

Too bad these free sunflower seeds are meant for planting, not eating. In order to get them, look for the image above (it's in the lower left) and upon clicking it, your email program will open. Send them you name and address and you're all set!

Send Your Face Into Space

Two years ago NASA offered to send your name to the moon. Now they're willing to blast your face into space! Sure, it's not a traditional freebie that comes in the mail, but I can't resist having my face float amongst aliens.

I fear it's the closest I'll ever come to traveling off our planet on account of my fear of heights. Plus, there's the fact that I'm vastly under qualified nor am I a rich Russian oligarch who can buy my way up there. But I'm sticking with the whole heights issue as my main obstacle.

Free Tomato Seeds from Campbells

Remember the free tomato seeds from Campbell's that we posted back in March? Well the offer is still available! Hopefully by now your tomato plant is full of delicious fresh produce, but if you missed the initial offer, feel free to sign up now and try your luck.

In order to get the seeds, you have to vote for which barn you'd like to save. Campbell's will donate up to $250,000 and each vote is worth $1, so you'll not only be getting a freebie, but helping a charity. After voting, you'll need to enter a code off the bottom of your Campbell's soup can. In case you don't have any in the cupboard, here are a few previous codes that worked last time around.

P8039 – U6 – Cheddar Cheese
P5 – 25 – Chicken Noodle
P5 – 03 – Cream of Chicken
EST4C – 29 – Bean with Bacon
EST4C – 11 – Beef w/vegetables

Free Golf Tees

My grandma used to live right next to a driving range, which would have been the perfect place to use these free golf tees. Unfortunately, I'm banned from ever returning there since as a kid (ie, moronic high schooler with too much time on my hands), I used to wait until dusk, sneak down a few yards, strap on a football helmet, and then proceed to race around the range while waving my arms in the air and daring anybody to hit me. Somehow I never got beaned on the head and a few of my friends actually started joining me whenever Friday night was proving too dull for us, but that fun ended when the owner finally let his snarling Dobermans off their leashes. I tell ya, if you've never seen a pack of skinny white boys running for their lives while wearing oversized fishbowls on their heads, you missed your chance that night.

You know, now I think I understand why every time I play golf with my buddies, I end up in last place four holes into the course, get drunk, and wreck the golf cart while trying to joust with giant oak trees.

Free AAA Fuel Cost Calculator

With rising gas costs and summer on the horizon, I thought this might be a helpful if not cool freebie for those of you who are planning on driving this summer. AAA has put together a free fuel cost calculator. After seeing how much it's gonna cost me to go to the beach this summer, I might just stay at home and fill my bathtub with cold water instead!