Free Afar Travel Magazine Subscription

Here's a new FreeBizMag offer that looks promising. While I've never heard of this free Afar Travel magazine subscription, I do look forward to wistfully staring at pictures of distant lands while curled on my couch. It's safer there than going out in the real world. Well, as long as I stay on the edge. The chips I spilled in the cushions long ago have grown arms and now grab at me whenever I lie back.

When asked if you want to signup for any business publications or additional offers, just say no.

7 comments on “Free Afar Travel Magazine Subscription”

  1. I’d be slightly wary of the AFAR magazine subscription…when I signed up for a free first issue on their website (which I saw through the Travel Channel), they immediately subscribed me and wouldn’t quit hassling me for 3 weeks. Finally they sent enough notices that I didn’t respond to so they “canceled” my subscription.

  2. You have to give up two people’s names and email addresses to get the free magazine. I really hate to do that to people so I’m going to decline this one.


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