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Here's yet another installment “hey, I should take that old post I made and polish it up!” Today is the list of customer reward and loyalty programs that you might not be aware of. Everybody know their local grocery store offers a rewards program, but did you know that many other stores where you might make everyday purchases offer them as well? Below I've compiled a list of such programs and there were quite a few I didn't even know about. (I can't tell you how many movie ticket's I've bought over the past few years – wish I'd known about Regal's program earlier!)

ACE Hardware (ACE Rewards) – Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend and once you get 2,500 points, you get a $5 reward. You also get 1,000 free bonus points on your first purchase so you basically have to spend $150 the first time around before getting a reward. If you are a DIY person, spending that much on home improvements isn't hard as I learned first hand while trying to repair my mom's fence. I think I ended up just breaking it more.

AMC Theaters (AMC MovieWatcher) – You earn two points for every ticket you buy and can get up to four point per visit. Cash the points in for free popcorn (10 points) or movie tickets (30 points).

AutoZone (Rewards) – Spend $20 in-store and you earn one credit. If you then earn five credits within six months, you'll receive $20 AutoZone store credit.

Best Buy (Reward Zone) – For every $250 you spend, you'll get a $5 gift certificate as well as special offers during your birthday month.

CVS Pharmacy (ExtraCare) – Earn 2% back with every purchase in-store and online, plus earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased.

Dick's Sporting Goods (Score Card) – Earn one ScoreCard Rewards point for every $1 you spend in store or online. Once you accumulate 300 points, you'll earn a $10 reward.

Dunkin' Donuts (Dunkin' Perks) – Use the promo code DDPERKSCoffee and receive a coupon in the mail for a free medium coffee.

Eddie Bauer (Friends) – Earn 10 points per every $1 spent and once you hit 1,750 points ($175 spent), you'll get a free $10 gift card. Thanks to Barb for pointing this out!

Hallmark (Hallmark Gold Crown) – 1 point is earned for every $1 spent plus you get bonus points for every card you buy. Points can then be used to earn discounts and coupons.

JC Penny (JCP Rewards) – Register online with any credit or debit card and you'll automatically earn points when you use them to make a purchase. Every dollar spent earns 1 point and you need 250 points to get a $10 gift card. But watch out, points don't roll over month to month, which stinks if you ask me.

Office Depot (Worklife Reward) – They offer 10% back on ink, toner, paper & design, and printing / shipping services. Everything else earns 1% back.

PETCO (Petco PALS) – In-store purchases receive discounted prices similar to how grocery stores reward programs operate. In addition, if you purchase 10 bags of the same brand and size premium dry dog or cat food within a 12-month period, you get one free. They have a similar “buy 8, get 1 free” pet grooming policy.

Petsmart (PetPerks) – Sign up now and receive a Welcome Kit with more than $100 in store coupons. In addition, you get exclusive offers and coupons sent to you.

Regal Cinemas (Regal Crown Club) – Earn one credit per dollar spent on tickets plus you earn four credits for every concession transaction. Their reward program is similar to a ladder, where you earn prizes at 50 points earned, 100, 150, etc. And last, but not least, members become eligible for special deals on certain days ($1 Candy Monday, $1 Popcorn Tuesday, etc.)

SEARS (Craftsman Club) – Looks like they'll just send you mailings and coupons, but there's no points system.

Staples (Staples Rewards) – Like Office Depot, they offer 10% back on ink, toner, paper & design, and printing / shipping. However, they don't offer the 1% back on everything else. Booo. To make up for this shortcoming, they give $2 in rewards for every used ink cartridge that you bring in.

TGI Fridays (Give Me More Stripes) – Earn an $8 certificate for every $100 spent (excluding alcohol-only purchases) plus get a coupon for a free appetizer when you sign up AND a one-time use jump-the-line-pass. That pass alone is worth it for me.

Toys incorrectly-displayed-R Us (Rewards R Us) – Earn $5 for every $150 spent during certain periods, which tend to be around three months. In addition, earn discounts on diapers and baby formula.

True Value (True Value Rewards) – Earn a $10 gift certificate for every $250 you spend.

Ulta Beauty (ULTA reward) – They have all sorts of levels that correspond to how much you spend with them. Suffice to say, if you shop there, you should sign up for the free rewards program 😀

I'm sure I missed a few free rewards programs, so if you know of any, let me know!

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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  1. If you are part of the Sears reward points program, or intend to sign up, please consider voting for my cousin in the billion points contest

    if she wins, she gets points, and the Lupus Foundation and St. Judes Childrens Hospital each get $125,000. My cousin has lupus, and we are all trying to let her know how much we care about her by voting in this contest. members of sears rewards program can vote daily until November 3rd.

    thank you!

  2. Sears and Kmart have a rewards program now, you get 1% of all your purchases back in cash (its put on a card, it stores up and you can use it on future purchases). It’s called Shop your Way Rewards and it’s totally free. Not bad if you shop at Sears and/or Kmart a lot. And it’s a national program, so it works at any Sears/Kmart in the U.S.

  3. If you live in Illinois or Indiana, Aurelio’s Pizza has a rewards program called the “Joe Sent Me” Rewards Club. Sign up for a card, then use it everytime you order pizza or any other menu item for either dine in or to go. When your total reaches $200, they’ll mail you a free $10 gift card to use for food at any location.

  4. Become a fan on Facebook of Dolce hair salon (in AZ) and they have all kinds of daily discounts that are offered to FB fans and also have points earned for money towards services! I earned $110 in just 3 months! Getting my hair cut, styled, and colored for free next month 🙂

  5. I really like Sephora’s rewards program. You get a free item on your birthday, you get the opportunity to try new products and they also do coupons three or four times a year.

  6. Smashbox cosmetics has a rewards program u get free shipping on any order,a box full of goodies on ur b-day and free deluxe samples ,and on every purchase u get pretty points ,and rewards. Also theres Wetn wild make up ,u get free full size samples of latest products and coupons.And of course there’s Victoria’s secret Pink Nation club,u get coupons for free stuff,for cheap stuff like $10 for a dress,free lipgloss,free panty.So girls ,i hope u enjoy the savings;)

  7. Dots sends out regular emails and sometimes they have a printable coupon for $10 off if you spend $30. The first year, it was $10 off a $25 purchase. I get less coupons this year. I gave them my email address in the store and got on the email list.

  8. Rite Aid just started a rewards program. You get points when you use it and when you get a certain level of points you get 10% and then 20% off of merchandise. There’s more but I don’t have it in front of me.

  9. I belong to our local Zoological society.
    When We travel, I check the Zoo’s website for the state We are visiting.
    Many Zoo’s accept the Membership discount, Some at the same free admission, some at half price. They are called Reciprocal Zoos.

  10. #18 Missy,
    What state do you live in?
    My sister lives in FLorida and has the Subway rewards program
    She asked about it here in Wisconsin and they acted like she was making it up.

  11. I’m back. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is stingier than in the past but you can still get good deals especially if you are a new visitor. At many casinos, they will give you at least $5 free play when you sign up for their club card, and often times you can get a discount off their buffets. A book I can suggest to get, especially on Amazon, is the American Casino Guide 2010 or if next year, then 2011. It has coupons for buffets, shows, and more for Las Vegas casinos and other casinos around the country. I know it costs probably $12 something on Amazon but you can make up the cost with a 2 for 1 buffet coupon for the famous Rio Carnival World Buffet which costs $18 for 1 person. Also included are some good deals for Downtown Vegas. So it’s worth a shot to get the club card at the casinos you visit, you may get the free play, room comps, and buffet specials. My faves are Gold Coast’s “Club Coast” and MGM cards.

  12. Love this site! Got many freebies so far, thx! In the Detroit area, there is a restaurant called B.D’s Mongolian Grill. You can sign up for a club where you get a free meal on your birthday, fill out occasional surveys for $5 off your table, and last Christmas time, it was $5 off each customer at the table. At lunch they have a flat top grill option called the “One Bowl” where you pick out what you want to eat (meats, veggies, sauces, etc.) It is usually $8 but is worth it with the coupons and if you pile the bowl high, you can often get a good doggie bag.
    Also in Michigan is a thing in Frankenmuth; a touristy town with fudge, German-themed shops/restaurants, and Bronner’s Christmas which is a few football fields worth of Christmas decorations and gifts year-round. At Zehnder’s restaurant you can sign up for a free full-course meal for your birthday month that usually costs over $20 with unlimited fried chicken and sides you can share with your friends or family. Visit for details. Enjoy!

  13. GODIVA chocolate has a Reward Card..Free Sign Up and get a free piece of chocolate every month (must get from a boutique) and other discount offers

  14. Regal Cinemas has a reward card. You get 1 point for every dollar spent on tickets up to 15 maximum per day, so best for each person in the household to have their own card. They also give points for concession purchases. You get rewards every 50 points, which are free popcorn, free drink, or free ticket. Members who go on Tuesdays get a coupon that lets them buy a small popcorn for $1 and on Thursdays they give double points. Certain movies also give extra points. Members buying tickets for certain movies also get entered into sweepstakes.

    Major bank credit cards (Chase, Citibank, for example) give reward points with how many depending on where you shop. Depending on the card, you can swap the points for money, airline tickets, or other gifts of your choice. This makes the most sense if you pay your bill in full every month.

    CVS pharmacy has the best shopper card. Not only do you get discounts on certain items they put on sale, at the end of each quarter based on how much you spend and for buying certain advertized items, they give CVS bucks you can spend on almost anything in the store. Their prices are high normally, but they have great sales. They also periodically offer a freebie to cardholders. I’ve gotten chocolate bars, lip balm, and hand sanitizer from this. They also e-mail money off coupons weekly, usually $4 off $20 purchase. If you lose your card, just give the cashier your phone number and you still get your deals and credit.

  15. **T.G.I.Fridays Restaurant has a guest loyalty card
    **Buffalo Wild Wings has an Inner Circle Club loyalty program
    **Purina Pro Plan has a breeder program where breeders of cats/dogs or owners of 5 or more cats/5 or more dogs (no rescue shelters) can get free start up kits each year (=free pet food) and save proof of purchase to earn rebate checks for more food
    **Some Subway Sandwich Shops still have loyalty cards to redeem for free sandwich

  16. Subway has a new reward program. You get a card (like a cc) and for every dollar you get a point. I think after 50 points you get a 6in sub free. Great deal…

  17. Miller High Life has a rewards club – each beer is essentially worth 10 pts, so 12 pack = 120, 30 = 300, etc… I got a sweet delivery guy shirt out of it last year. And cirrosis of the liver, too.

  18. Aerie (by American Eagle) has a rewards program where if you sign up (for free) and visit their store on a Thursday once per month you can receive a certain item for free. The items vary, but the last time I visited the reward was a free full sized bottle of perfume! In addition, for every 4 bras you purchase, you will receive a coupon for a FREE one in the mail! All you have to do is sign up for the All Access Pass (which is also free and will earn you rewards points which can get you percentages off once per quarter) and it will function as your A-list card too!

  19. Club Bing has GREAT prizes! If you like to play wordgames and word scrambles, you get rewarded with cool prizes that you can actually use! Like a new computer mouse, toaster oven, reusable bag, DVDs, CDs, etc. the list goes on and on. I’ve been playing on there for about 2 yrs and the prizes change all the time! It’s my favorite website (aside from HIF of course) lol

  20. Price Chopper Supermarket offers a gas incentive of .10 Cents off the gallon for every $50 you spend at participating Sunoco gas Stations. Right now I am up to .70 cents off the gallon.

  21. AMC Movie Theatres has their Movie Watcher reward card. You get 2 points for each ticket (max 4 per visit). 10 points gets you free small popcorn, and every 10 points after gets you freebies. 100 points gets you a free ticket, small popcorn and small drink. Then you start over.

    Sally Beauty Supply’s reward program is $5 a year, but the discounted prices are worth it. At 55, you pay $2.50. Active duty military get the card free. If you are a licensed cosmetologist, you can get a free Pro card with even higher discounts.

  22. I just thought of another store discount card. Sally Beauty Supply offers discount cards for regular customers and special discount cards for licensed stylists and manicurists. I think you have to show them your license.

    Can you guys tell I’m really into makeup and beauty supplies? lol

  23. Kim (comment #37), the website I mentioned is called Eyes Lips Face dot com or e.l.f. for short. Eye Slips Face is pretty funny though.

  24. I know of vocalpoints and Pssst from general mills. Vocalpoints you have to request samples from them and then give your review. Psst sends you things. I haven’t been a member long but I got a free coupon for yougurt along with other cents off coupons. There’s one too for procter and gambel but they send coupons.

  25. These are a few that I follow. Hope they help with your new program.

    Disney Movie Rewards program–

    7-11 Slurpee Nation Rewards club–


    She Knows Points & Prizes—

  26. Nature Made vitamins has a loyalty program for buying their various vitamins and herb supplements. You enter codes from the products to get points that are used to get free offers.

  27. Two Comments.

    One. A Plus stores offer a discount on gas per gallon for items purchased in the convienence store. Membership is free and you just need to swap your card when purchasing gas or any items.

    Two. Pepsi is running a Caps for Caps promo. Collect three caps with the same MLB team name and get a free cap by mail. Similar to the Pop Tart Swap comment above would be great to see a swap type portion on the web site.

    Keep up the great job. Love the site.

  28. will give you cash back towards your kids’ education. You can register your grocery store cards, credit cards, and shop through links on their site. It’s great! Especially when I cringe and have to pay $200 for a textbook through alibris, abebooks, And you get members only coupons and discount codes. My favorite is!

  29. Winn Dixie grocery store has a fuelperk deal where you can save 5-20 cents per gallon at Shell stations. The move you spend in groceries the more you save on your card at the pump. I filled up the other day @ $2.73 per gallon, actually got it for $2.53.
    There’s other grocery chains that have the same deal, just Google fuelperks – one word.

  30. I’m a part of the Starbucks Rewards program. its a star-level based program that starts off that if you get any of their gift cards and register them, you get a free birthday drink. Then later as you build up stars by making purchases you reach a “gold level” and get freebies monthly basically. I’ve recieved random free drinks, free panini’s a free thing of oatmeal, cupons for their ice cream and for bags of coffee. I love the fact that you’re working on this, it would be great if you could also fix up the website design. its good content, just not a very clear way of getting to what I want to. also

  31. Goob,
    Is there any way for you to open up a Pop Tart code swap on your board. We only buy Cherry so I have tons of those codes and would like to swap for other ones.

  32. Boulder Creek Steakhouse has a loyalty card and every 100 points gives you 10 dollars to use towards meals, and for your birthday they give you 20 dollars on your card to use during your birthday month

  33. Houlihans has a rewards program. You get a coupon for a free meal (anything on the menu!) on your birthday. And they send a coupon for a free dessert on the anniversary of your signing up for the birthday list. Two freebies at once!

  34. Ruby Tuesday has an email club that sometimes sends out coupons.

    If you’re still looking for rewards programs has one as well

    I second the Fresh Step rewards program I used that and I’ve actually gotten some nice stuff.

  35. The Club At ULTA

    Where beauty is it’s own reward!

    Come discover the most luxurious reward program designed especially for you. Enjoy premier benefits, exclusive offers and the first look at product introductions and beauty news!

    Membership is FREE!

    Earn Reward Certificates four times per year based on specified period spending.
    Reward certificates are good for FREE beauty products or salon services.
    Redeem in store.
    Receive valuable coupons throughout the year.
    Enjoy special offers just for Club Members.

    Click HERE for Reward Certificate levels and spending periods.

  36. Live it With Charter

    Live It with Charter® is all about rewarding Charter customers!
    Live It with Charter® is the program that rewards you just for being a Charter customer.
    As a member, you earn automatic points and redeem them for amazing rewards.
    Use them for merchandise, discounts, sweepstakes and lots of other exclusive rewards.
    Need a little more information about the program?
    Find everything you need about Earning Points, Choosing Rewards, Entering Sweeps and Your Account right here.

  37. Starbucks Rewards

    The more you come in to Starbucks, the more we’ll reward you.
    We want to say “thanks” for coming into our stores and using a registered Starbucks Card. With My Starbucks Rewards, you’ll earn 1 Star every time you pay with your Card. And as you collect Stars, you move up to bigger benefits.

    Signing up is easy. If you’re already a Starbucks Card Rewards or or registered Starbucks Gold cardholder, you’re in. If not, then all you need to do is register a Starbucks Card or Starbucks Gold Card.

    Welcome Level

    Your rewards start from the moment you join by registering your Starbucks Card – and membership is free.

    A Free Drink on your Birthday
    All registered Starbucks Card holders get a handcrafted birthday beverage of their choice. My Starbucks Rewards will make you feel special all year long, but for this one day you’re extra special.

    View Details

    All registered Starbucks Card holders get a birthday beverage of their choice. My Starbucks Rewards will make you feel special all year long, but for this one day you’re extra special.

    Free Wi-Fi – Up to 2 Continuous Hours a Day
    Surf while you sit in coffeehouse comfort. With your active registered Starbucks Card, you’ll receive up to two hours of Wi-Fi service every day. Learn more about getting connected.

    View Details

    Available at all U.S. company-operated locations with Wi-Fi service. Complimentary Wi-Fi limited to one session of up to two hours per day. You must have a registered Starbucks Card. You must also open a complimentary AT&T account and accept the AT&T user agreement.

    Green Level

    Once you’ve earned 5 Stars, you advance to the Green level. All current Starbucks Card Reward members will automatically be enrolled at this level. You get all Welcome level rewards plus:

    Free Beverage Customization
    Purchase a beverage with your registered Starbucks Card and you can get your syrup and milk options (like soy) on the house.

    View Details

    Complimentary choices include Caramel syrup (regular or sugar-free), Cinnamon Dolce (regular or sugar-free), Classic, Hazelnut (regular or sugar-free), Juicy Raspberry, Peppermint, Toffee Nut, Vanilla (regular or sugar-free), Sugar-Free Mocha, soy, breve and heavy cream. Offer valid at participating U.S. stores and is subject to change.

    Free Refills on Brewed Coffee and Tea
    When you’re at Starbucks you feel at home. Your registered Starbucks Card gets you brewed or iced coffee and tea refills at no charge.

    View Details

    You must use your registered Starbucks Card to purchase a hot or iced brewed coffee or tea and then present that same card for the refill during the same visit. Offer valid at participating U.S. stores and is subject to change.

    Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase
    Get more coffee with your coffee. When you use your registered Starbucks Card to buy 1 lb of our whole bean coffee, we’ll give you any handcrafted Tall (12oz) beverage of your choice.

    View Details

    You receive one complimentary 12 fl oz beverage at time of purchase of one or more pounds of whole bean coffee. Offer valid at participating U.S. stores and is subject to change.

    Free Trial Offers
    We’ll make sure you’re “in the know” when it comes to new products we’re introducing in our coffeehouses.

    Gold Level

    Collect 30 Stars and you step up to the benefits of Gold level for one year. And another 30 keeps you Gold for the following year. As a special “thank you,” all registered Starbucks Gold cardholders will automatically start at this level – at no cost – when their current membership expires. You get all Welcome and Green level rewards plus:

    Free Drink Every 15 Stars
    We want to give you more of what you love. So at the Gold level, you get a free beverage with every 15 Stars you collect.

    Personalized Gold Card
    We’ll send you a special Starbucks Card that recognizes you are one of our favorite customers.

    Personalized Offers and Coupons
    We want to make sure every experience you have at Starbucks is a great one. So we’ll send you special offers tailored just to the things you like to enjoy.

  38. As far as Birthday rewards-
    Both Chili’s and On The Border send out coupons for free appetizers you can redeem during the month our birthday. You just have to sign up on their website and provide your name and email information–
    Sometimes they also send out other free coupons and specials during the year as well (free drink coupon from On The Border- valid for Cinco deMayo)

  39. I was also going to mention the Kmart rewards program. In addition to the 1% cash back you can also randomly win items when you shop. I got a HUGE bottle of some nice lotion one time. The prizes show up on your receipt.

  40. I’m in Oklahoma and I get rewards from a lot of places (some already mentioned)
    Homeland Grocery Stores: The One Card saves you money on items all through the store and give you gas rewards for the Homeland Gas stations. Depending on how much you spend, you get to save so much per gallon (i think the amount varies you can save). You can also double your coupons (up to $1.00 ones), get automatic sweepstake entries and instant rebates. You can save for Upromise, Dollar$ for School$ and if your keys get lost and have the card on your keyring, Homeland will try to get your lost keys back to you. You also recieve periodic money saving mailers.

    Petco: Petco PALS card gets you discounts on items throughout the store, plus buy 10 bags of the same food (in 12 months) get a coupon for a free bag, After you purchase 8 Full-Service Grooms, Full-Service Baths or Self-Service Washes, you get one FREE! They will also mail you a coupon booklet worth over $250 in savings. You can sign-up instore or online (if you don’t have a PetCo in your area) and your membership number is good for shopping their stuff online.

    JiffyLube: JuffyLube Rewards gives you bonus with signup like 50% off your 3rd Oil Change. Signup instore or online.

  41. Haven’t had a chance to review all comments, so forgive me if I’m repeating something that’s already mentioned, but many diaper companies have point programs like Pampers and Huggies.

  42. most supermarkets gives discount cards so you can get stuff at special sale prices
    shop n shop
    pathmark new!!
    walgreens is only testing out a store card in only some states you’re gonna have to check there site i just know new york isn’t one of them
    what i listed are only the benefits i remember off hand i know there are alot of others maybe someone else knows

  43. Lupe Tortilla has a reward card. For every X amount of dollars you spend, you get X amount off of your bill. Also, every year during your birthday month, you get a free appetizer. Santikos movie theaters (in select Texas cities) has a reward program where you earn 1 point for each dollar you spend. At certain point increments, you get free popcorn, free sodas, and free movie passes. Build a Bear Workshop has their Stuff Fur Stuff card. For every dollar you spend you get 100 points. When you spend a total of 100000 points ($100), you get a coupon for $10 off. Also, they send you email and snail mail coupons throughout the year to use for their stuff.
    That’s all I can think of right now.

  44. I’m still laughing about someone selecting
    Eye Slips Face dot com????

    Sounds like a site for Goob to me!

  45. A lot of restaurants give free meals at your birthday for signing up on a mailing list. (my birthdya is this month) and i recieved fridays, fuddruckers, damons, dennys)

    Also, Enfamil apparently just started doing rewards. is offering 500 bonus points (with purchase) for a limited time for pampers rewards too. Check it out.

  46. Sears has your way rewards program-it is free to join-get back 1% at every purchase at Sears or Kmart.You will earn points and redeem like a gift certificate

  47. stoufers has rewards program, when you buy thier single entrees the code give you 20 points when you enter it on their website.

  48. coldstone emails coupon for free ice cream…Burger king has or had a kids club free kids meal…sephora gives birthday gifts if you order around your birthday

  49. Kelloggs is currently running a promo very similar to the one Pop-Tart is doing.
    My favorite rewards site is Club Bing — for playing games (for free) you can get some awesome stuff. I already got a Michael Kors watch and camcorder this year. Last year, I got a Michael Kors purse, women’s watch, cookbooks, and a leaf blower. If there is anything else out there like this, I would LOVE to know.

  50. Walgreens has a new promo called Walgreens Rewards. Seems pretty straight up. You get coupons or can trade in points for prizes. Hey I shop there so I might as well get something too.

  51. If you get the petperks card at Petsmart you don’t have to pay the full shelf price of items, you get a discount. Also, they send out coupons periodically, I just received a $3 off coupon last week.

  52. Let’s see there’s…. Big Lots Buzz Club, Babies R Us/Toys R Us Rewards, Speedway Speedy Rewards, Petco Club, Pet Smart Pet Perks, Best Buy Reward Zone, Giant Eagle Rewards, Kroger Pus Card, Hallmark Gold Crown… Those are just the ones I have lol

  53. Most Jason’s Delis will give you a free sandwich on your birthday, but it varies with each franchise. I think it is too sporadic to really mention.

  54. Give Me More Stripes is a reward program but I have only used it for free food at TGIF. After spending $100, you get an $8 dollar off coupon. I know it’s not that much but if you go with a few friends, split the bill, and then ask for the receipt (if no one else asks for it) so that you can go on the website and put in your food credits, you could only spend $40 but the total bill could be over $100, so you end up receiving the $8 off coupon for only spending $40.

  55. Once you are on their mailing list, Avery sends out a monthly e-newsletter and frequently sends out samples of various labels. You must reply to an email and complete a form to receive each sample.

  56. Goob, I hope it’s okay to also plug my own business here. If not, please remove this message.

    If you like candles and other scented home products then you’ll love Gold Canyon Candles. I’m an independent demonstrator and if you give me your email address I’ll add you to my email list. You’ll get periodic updates about sales and specials. Trust me, it’s just one email every now and then. Gold Canyon won’t fill your inbox with junkmail.

    To sign up for my email list, please send a message containing your name, home address (optional), phone number (optional), and email address to [email protected]. Also check out to see our beautiful, highly fragranced candles.

  57. I order a lot of cosmetics from a company called e.l.f. Their website is If you give them your email address they will send email alerts for all kinds of great sales. It’s usually stuff like “Get a free set of 12 makeup brushes with your order of $20 or more”. They’re crazy generous with the freebies as long as your order is over about $15 or $20. You can also leave comments on their beauty blog to get $5 coupon codes or even submit a beauty tip of your own for use in their newsletter in exchange for a $25 gift card. (I’ve done it twice now.)

    Yes, you will get tons of “junk” emails if you sign up with them but their prices are great, their products are good and their customer service is outstanding. I haven’t been disappointed.

  58. This one is my favorite…very high quality, scientifically formulated, etc. supplements, specialty food products, water filters, waterless cookware, etc.
    Discounts, rebates, free products, etc.
    Here’s an example of what you can save this week (you always get the member’s discount, then there are periodic specials like this, too)
    Easy to order (online ordering saves you $.50) and UPS delivers it right to your door.
    You do not have to sell anything OR agree to sell anything (but you can if you wish).
    Your membership is FREE with a small order.
    Besides small to large member discounts, you can also get a little rebate (see chart; depends on when and what you buy) each time you order (low minimum.
    You can contact me if you have any questions.

    Of course, you can sign up without using my name/number, but I would appreciate it if you DO use me/my # to sign up as I might get a little bonus, too, if you do 🙂

    Alicia Warner
    [email protected]
    1761834-5 (my NSP # to use when you sign up)

  59. I am in California, and idk how far they reach, but CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS (cable, internet, phone) has a points rewards program. Tthey automatically give you points when you pay your bill, but you have to go online and sign-up in order for the points to start accumulating:

  60. I am in California, and idk how far they reach, but CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS (cable, internet, phone) has a points rewards program. Tthey automatically give you points when you pay your bill, but you have to go online and sign-up in order for the points to start accumulating:

    They have really great rewards too… only thing is you can only redem pts. once a month, on a certain date and time they give you… and all the good stuff is gone in Minutes!

  61. I work for Tumbleweed Rest. and the website is always (every month and a half) giving coupons and birthday treats. Most as good as BOGO, or buy 1 get 1 half off. There are stores in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.
    Everyday at Tumbleweed:
    The lunch menu is $4.99+
    Monday= .99 margaritas
    Tuesday=$9.99 fajitas
    Wednesday= 8oz ribeye for 9.99/burrito for 5.99
    Thursday= .99 LIT’s
    Friday & Sat. Vaious drink specials
    Sunday= KIDS EAT FREE

    Really is great food and fun atmosphere, not only for the employees but for the customers too!!!!

  62. ringling brothers will send you a free circus event ticket wh
    en you have a baby. just go to their website and look for free ticket

  63. The big box office stores have their programs (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot). Kraft has First Taste, General Mills has Pssst, CVS also has the advisory panel that’s a different from their EC program, Kellogg’s has Snackpicks, Starbucks has its Rewards Program, Arm & Hammer sends coupons if you sigh up with them, so does L’Oreal. That’s all I can think of the top of my head. I’ll come back and comment again if I remember something, 🙂

  64. Hot Topic has a rewards program, as does Borders Books. Those two you get a card and scan it every time for points.

    Something else – MyPoints and SwagBucks – you get points for searching and once you earn enough points you can redeem for gift certificates and other things. MyPoints also has emails where you just click through and get 5 points. You can also use their link and purchase things on various online stores for a certain number of points per dollar, but you can earn points without spending a penny – it just takes longer.

    Also, SwagBucks has free codes for points.

  65. Nature Made vitamins has a program where you enter codes. The vitamins are worth different points. Once you have gotten 700 you get a $7.00 coupon.
    After the first time it drops down to 500

  66. I’m sure you know Pampers and Huggies both do rewards code programs. Also Disney Movie Rewards.
    And then there are Viewpoints and Vocalpoints, which will toss you the ocassional sample, usually in exchange for a survey.

  67. Sephora, the cosmetics store, has a rewards card. When you get 100 points, you get free samples. They also send you an email for your birthday to get other freebies.

  68. In regards to the programs where you enter codes, I have been doing the Paw Points for Fresh Step Cat Litter for ages now. It’s at if anyone wants to check it out.

    They have codes just like the Coke rewards printed on the inside of the boxes that the litter comes in, or if you buy the buckets, it’s on a card inside a plastic protector. The bigger the container, the higher the value of the points. Then you save up of your points for a goodie for your cat. I haven’t cashed in my points yet….saving up for something really nice for my sweetie.

    Hope this helped!

    Nancala 🙂

  69. hmm… I’m a member of that 3m Perks and only get emails from them. And that’s usually an announcement for their updated website/sweepstakes promotion.

    Other than that, the only company I can think of right now that I’ve ever gotten anything free from, just for signing up is the Raising Cane’s club that you posted a while back. I haven’t been able to figure out why they scan your card every time because more visits doesn’t seem to mean more rewards, but I have gotten free meal for signing up and free bread and free soft drink previously.

  70. My birthday was on the 11th and I got emails for a bunch of birthday stuff. There was Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, Orange Julius, Quiznos, Brusters ice cream. I didn’t have a chance to open and look at anything since I was on the go all week though.

  71. If you register with Godiva chocolates, you get a card that you can bring in to their store once a month for a free chocolate. Plus you get extra treats when you spend a certain amount of money.


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