Free Dollar General Beauty Tote Bag

Sign up for free and take their short beauty quiz and Dollar General will send you a free beauty tote bag!

Chances are we'll get extra coupons, along with free samples, in our free tote bags. I should say “chances are good” that'll happen. Chances are bad that our freebie will contain a rabid badger. I'm just saying, it's not a zero percent possibility!

They have 200,000 of these to give away by 12/31/21, but I doubt these last until the end of February, let alone December. They offered these last year and they expired within a month.

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  1. What’s your beauty personality?
    We’re sorry! Due to popular demand, our free beauty bag giveaway has ended. However, you can still take the quiz below and sign-up to receive exclusive digital coupons at Dollar General.


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