Claim Your Gift of a 2-Year Food Network Magazine Subscription!

Mercury Magazines has a new offer of a 2-year complimentary Food Network magazine subscription! I hope these are edible or the recipes come along with a chef to cook them. Otherwise, this is a freebie wasted on me. 😊

As with other Mercury Magazine offers, you only have to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. You can skip any subsequent offers by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom and you never have to give out your credit card or payment info whatsoever.

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7 comments on “Claim Your Gift of a 2-Year Food Network Magazine Subscription!”

  1. I finally got past the survey and was able to order the magazine. I just kept going back and forth and kept clicking below the box where the survey was and finally hit whatever it was that got me beyond the survey. I never saw a “no thanks” button.

  2. I’m trying to get this food network magazine but they make you take a survey without any way to escape from it! It’s asking what I want to study and then makes me pick where I want to study it and provides links to a variety of educational institutions. There was no “x” to click on!

    • I noticed the same thing. The screen with the “no thanks” option flashed by almost too fast to see, then it forced me into the same survey about “What do you want to study” with no option of getting out of it or even a “none of the above” option.


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