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During my freshman year of college, my friend pledged for a fraternity. Part of his initiation was buying a bunch of odd item to carry around in his backpack for a few weeks. So we head to Walmart for our weekly shopping trip and once I'm finished buying all my food, I find him wandering aimlessly in the food aisle. He had everything he needed except for one final item – Kentucky jelly. I had no idea what in the world Kentucky jelly was, but I helped him look nonetheless for over 30 minutes. Once frustration finally set in, he marched up to the nearest employee for help.

“Excuse me,” he asked, “do you have any Kentucky jelly?” The employee looked at him with a blank stare and at this point, my friend produced the list and pointed to it. “See, right there, I need some Kentucky jelly.”

“Sir, the KY does not stand for Kentucky. KY Jelly is an adult lubricant.”

We still laugh about it to this day.

So, if you are in need of some good ole' Kentucky jelly, pick up a free sample here.

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