Free $1 Donation

That tweet above sums it up, but long story short a single retweet earns $1 via Intel to, CodeClub, or GirlsWhoCode, which are all websites that teaches anybody how to code for free. They’re willing to donate up to $45,000 yet are only currently at $28,700.

I guess a true long story short would be Intel wants to give free money. Wait, I can do better. Intel give money. Eh, that’s still three syllables too long. Intel -> $.

Nailed it.

Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Nov. 2012 has returned!

The free 2-year Rolling Stone magazine subscriptions from RewardsGold is back. It was pretty popular last week, but I know some Hiffers missed it, so better luck this time. If you miss it again today, try squinting really hard and reading the magazine covers above until this offer comes back.

Free Celeste Pizza and Herdez Sauces

Free Celeste Pizza

I find it hilarious that SavingStar’s free Celeste pizza is specially marked “for one.” Oh, trust me Celeste, we know it’s for one. We know all too well it’s for one.

Kroger is also giving away free Herdez 12oz cooking sauces, which I’ve never heard of. Cool.

50 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

I believe you have until Nov. 20 to enter code KELLOGGTHROWBACK, worth 50 free Kellogg’s points. On a similar note…

*inhales deeply as he searches “How many days until Christmas?”*

HOLY CRAP ONLY 36?! I’m so screwed and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Normally I’m at least stuffed with of pecan pie before I have this feeling!

Free Pillsbury 2015 Calendar

Free Pillsbury calendar

As long as you were a Pillsbury member by Nov. 17, you can sign up for a free Pillsbury 2015 calendar. These always go Usain Bolt speed, so good luck!

Free Mailing Box at Staples

Free Staples Mailing Box

There’s no way I’d go for this freebie alone, but if you’re planning to visit a Staples today or tomorrow, then here’s a coupon good for one free mailing box. The best part is you can use it for so much more than mailing! Like, uh, carrying things. And storing things! Oh, oh, and carrying things to where you store them! Does that count?

Free York Mint and Hillshire Lunchmeat


Savingstar somehow found out 10-year-old Goob’s favorite treat for today’s Freebie Friday offer of a free York Peppermint Pattie. Meanwhile Kroger is handing out free Hillshire Farm Naturals Tub Lunchmeat. Because nothing says fine dining like a tub full of deli meat.

Earl of Sandwich Birthday Freebie

Free Earl of Sandwich Birthday Food

The Earl of Sandwich birthday freebie is one of those rare, exquisite freebies that makes me smile like an idiot days before it ever arrives. For when the inevitable zombie apocalypse strikes, I now know what I’ll go by once I rebuild society.

Goob, Earl of Sandwich, Duke of Pizza, Count of Unlimited Cookies, Protector of the Realm.

Signup Freebie: Free brownie
Birthday Freebie: Free sandwich, salad, or wrap

Remember, we have a full list of birthday freebies!

Free Snapfish Photo Prints

Free Snapfish photo prints

Snapfish has an ongoing offer of 55 free 4×6″ photo prints for new accounts, but you always have to pay shipping. Until now! Promo code WELCOMEFS is for free shipping, so pair that with a new account and you’ve got a 100% pure freebie. Now begin the hard parts of teaching my dog to how to sit still long enough for a photo and borrowing a kid. Not necessarily in that order.

The exact steps needed here are:

  1. Click the yellow “create an account” button near the top right.
  2. Create and add 55 4×6 photo prints to your cart.
  3. Use promo WELCOMEFS at checkout.
  4. You should now have free prints with free shipping.

Free Simply Right Diapers and Wipes

Free Simply Right Diapers

Geez, I’ve heard about school starting earlier and earlier, but these free Simply Right diapers and wipes are going too far. In my day, parents waited until their kid could at least crawl before teaching them the difference between right and left.