Free Allegra Allergy

Free Allegra Allergy

Cute packaging on today’s free Allegra Allergy sample. Why only mold the packaging into a letter and not the actual pill though? Think of all the additional hours of relief you could cram in there!

Wait, I also take Zyrtec occasionally. On second thought I’d like to formally say my idea sucks.

Free Amazon Dash Button

Free Amazon Dash Button

… ….

Is that thing legit? Seriously? … Alright then. It looks like Amazon is giving away free Amazon Dash buttons to select Prime members. What’s a Dash button you ask? Apparently they’re either A) a pre-April Fools Day prank, for which I will never forgive Amazon, or B) a new invention that allows you to order household product with only the press of a button! They claim to have 254 items to pick from with more coming soon.

Given that I’ve posted tons of Prime membership deals over the years, I figure a few Hiffers out there might qualify for this. Or at the very least want to join me in taking the bait.

175 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

Want 175 Free Kellogg’s Points? Oh boy, I hope so, as that’s all I have to offer. I guess I could throw in some gum from my desk? I’m down, but one of y’all will need to cut these 6 sticks into 45,000 equal pieces!


Don’t forget all the current free Kellogg’s codes can be found here.

Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie

It’s should be painfully clear that we’re in the midst of a freebie drought. I don’t know which Hiffer pissed off the Freebie Gods but I’m looking at you, Jerry! It’s kind of hard running a freebie site that focuses on quality freebies when there aren’t any quality freebies around. Shocker.

I only bring this up to let new readers know this is normal. It sucks, but it happens for a few weeks at least once or twice a year (like my dating life). I have no hard evidence to prove this, but my gut tells me the drought will end next week. I can feel it in my bones as nobody says. In fact it might be the Sample Source freebie pack that gets the ball rolling.

But until the freebies return, I’ll post the next best things: birthday freebies.

Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie

One of the newest members to the club is the Uno Pizzeria birthday freebie. What made for the sudden change in heart? I’m gonna go with … wizard squirrels? No, wait, 17! I never was good at tests…

Signup Freebie: A “free welcome gift” is promised. I’m not sure what the current offer is.
Birthday Freebie: Free entree.

Free Cadbury Egg & Sparkling Ice Tea

free Cadbury Créme Egg

Not only is SavingStar handing out free Cadbury Créme Eggs, but they also gave us a free acute on the E! What generous linguists. All you Kroger shoppers don’t forget to add a free 17 oz. sparkling ICE tea to your account either.

100 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

Codes SPRINGISINTHEAIR, MAGICALCREATIONS and LUCKYLEPRECHAUNS will collectively add 100 free Kellogg’s points to your balance. It’s truly a shame to see yet another classic trade about to go the way of the Dodo. I can still remember when Leprechauns had so much money that they left buckets full of gold across the countryside at a startling frequency. Now all they’ve got are a few Kellogg’s points?

I think this is the part where I remind new readers that I keep a running list of all active Kellogg’s codes, right?

Free Hunt’s Tomato Sauce & Nestea Water

Free Hunt's Tomato Sauce & Nestea Water

I should point out the Kroger freebie is actually free Nestea liquid water enhancer. For all your water enhancing needs. As for the the SavingStar deal, it’s a coupon good for free Hunt’s tomato sauce. Which coincidentally is a liquid water ruiner.

Free Poise Sample Kits

Free Poise Sample Kits

This freebie from Aug. 2012 has returned!

You can request a free Poise sample kit today where you get to choose between a Liner sample kit and a Pad sample kit. The difference is that one has liner in the name while the other doesn’t. Hope that clears things up.

Free Rita’s Italian Ice

Free Rita's Italian Ice


*rushes outside*

*immediately does a 180*

Nope, it’s still freezing up here. If I can muster the courage to face the cold yet again, I’ll double down on the temperature with a free Rita’s Italian ice on Friday, Mar. 20 from noon-9pm.

Free Simple Skin Cleanser

Free Simple Skin Cleanser

This free Simple skin cleanser has me worried for one reason alone: micellar. If I’m reading this correctly (and history suggests I’m not!) then this freebie is set to deliver mice to our cellars.

Ohhhh, I get it now! This freebie is set to deliver simple mice to our cellars! Wait, that didn’t make it any better. The mice’s level of sophistication is not the cause of my objections here.

[thanks to Hiffer Joy for sending this in!]