Spotlight: Does The Mail Run Today?

I can’t count how many times I’ve gone out to check the mail and stood around waiting for freebies, forgetting that on Columbus Day or today–Veteran’s Day–that the mail just isn’t running. With so many postal holidays, sometimes in our day-to-day lives we just lose track of what day it is.

But now? There’s a nice and simple answer to that. So no longer do you have to ask someone does the mail run today, just type it into your web browser:

Talk about an easy answer. Although, it did tell me there’d be mail on January 1st, 3005, so I guess either the world will have ended then, or we’ll be celebrating a different New Years… Other than that? Pretty darn accurate…

[via the forums]

  • Gina

    I don’t know, I think that website’s a little confusing. Maybe if it could be a little more direct it would be better.

  • rydergal

    I agree. Not very user friendly. . Heeheeheehee!

  • Kelley

    Since I can barely remember what day the current day is, this site works for me. I really don’t need to know about the mail in a year…so, thanks for the site :-)

  • Andrea

    Perhaps I typed something wrong, but I was told that I would have mail delivery on January 1, 2009. Let’s hope that we don’t come to an even earlier demise!

  • I think, Andrea, that its just programmed for 2008 at the current time and will probably be reprogrammed for next year, but even still, its a neat little site…

  • Angie

    Its a Government Holiday . There is no mail service. DADADA.

  • Sam

    This website is WRONG. It said the mail ran yesterday (January 2, 2012) when it DID NOT. I called the post office today to confirm that it did not run.

    Nice idea, poor execution. Or, as they say, FAIL!!!!

  • Kristy

    Awesome website!