Free 411 Phone Calls From Google

I’ve always used 1-800-Free-411 in the past for free 411 calls, but I recently discovered that Google came out with their own version of free 411 phone calls at 1-800-GOOG-411. I played around with it today and I must say I’m impressed. I called up and asked for pizza listings in my area and one of the top choices was a joint that opened up just last week. I called again looking for a cigar store and they told me about a place I didn’t even know existed. They also will connect you to the business for free, send you a text message with the store’s information if you want to save it, and can also send you a local map of the area.

Yet another awesome service by Google, if you ask me!

[via the forums]

  • Sydney

    Google 411 ends November 11th, 2010!

    It says it when you call their number.

  • Sydney

    UPDATE : Google 411 is gone, but you can now text them at GOOGLE or 466453 with the name of a place and location (ex. Walmart Forks Washington) and they will provide you with an address and phone number like the 411 service did. Texting Google is exactly like googling on the computer.