Free Autolite Hat

Free Autolite Hat

You can get a free hat from Autolite after submitting a story about you and your dad. I’ve been known to exaggerate from time to time, so do me a solid if anybody comes around asking. I’m Goob Snow, my dad never told me who my mom was, and I have a fairly hazardous job atop a 700 foot wall of ice.

Note you can skip the third step of submitting a photo by clicking a link on that page.

  • carlos

    My dad lost me once when I was a kid. He aas drunk. The police brought me home

  • sid

    dad nipped out for milk 20 years ago not bothered though as im lactose intolarent

  • mont

    me and mine when fishin and he when back to the car and did come back for an good 2 hour sand the truck was the other way and if you ask me i dont know what he was doin but i got three fish that day

  • ckeermann

    My dad and I love to Bowl together, we have always been competitive, so it’s really fun and we enjoy every time we can get together.

  • JA

    My dad never missed a soccer game or baseball game of mine, I loved having him as my coach

  • Joe Kupe

    Just got the hat this week, it is pretty sweet! Thanks Goob!

  • foxhollowman

    My Dad & Mom adopted me at birth. They always told me I was adopted. My Dad found my birth parents but I told him he was my Dad and I had NO DESIRE to meet anyone else. I have NEVER regretted that decision either.

  • ilias

    Hey , well my dad is too calm , he is lovely and he loves everyone ,