Free Bayer Contour EZ Blood Glucose Meter

Free Bayer Contour EZ Blood Glucose Meter

EDIT: I believe this offer is still active, however their site is throwing up errors when you submit the form. I’d try again later.

Enter code 200 on the first page and you’ll be able to request a free Bayer Contour EZ blood glucose meter. I didn’t request one because I didn’t want to take away from somebody who could actually use this. Of course that means if I ever get sick then a few Hiffers needs to come check my glucose for me.

  • Ilanka

    All I get is “An error has occurred, please try again later.” =/

  • nellen

    I don’t know how many free meters I’ve had. A lot. The strips are where these folks make their money. They upgrade a lot and each time the strips are different and more expensive. Get a store brand. The strips are cheaper and they work fine.

  • The doctor just prescribed one of these for my husband yesterday. Went to pick it and the strips up at the pharmacy. With our insurance the strips cost $30 for 100 but the meter was free! LOL

  • nellen

    I didn’t mean to single out Bayer. They just do what all the other monitor and strip companies do.

  • The strips and needles are covered under your medical insurance, not your prescription insurance. I’d guess your copay for an office visit is probably $30. There was some sort of act in congress or something that made it so those things were covered under medical because companies were dropping their prescription coverage and people couldn’t get these items. At least that is what my insurance guy told me. But I agree… they make a killing on those freakin strips!!!

  • If you put that you get your supplies at a retail pharmacy another question pops up “which retail pharmacy?” If you didn’t answer that maybe that is why you got an error (that’s what happened to me)

  • Mrs. Sunshine

    “Check back later.” Rats! I wanted to try these.

  • Darin

    Did the same for me.

  • Sweetlisab

    I just got one. So you might want to go try again… :0)

  • Kayla

    Sweet! Mine will be here in 10-14 days!!!

  • Kayla Moyer

    I still haven’t got mine yet and it’s been 22days by my last comment on here. I just re-did the form and again, it says 10-14 days for delivery. We shall see!

  • heyitsmegan

    I keep getting an error, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m not diabetic, but my boyfriends father is, so I thought he might like to use this which is why I was signing up. Oh well. I hope at least the people that need it will get one without any problems! :)