Free Calls & Texts to Japan

This may be the first post for HIF that I wish I didn’t have to write. You’ve seen the pictures and videos by now. I’m barely qualified to make self-deprecating and absurdist jokes, so when it comes to the recent tragedy in Japan, there’s not much I can add that hasn’t already been said. However, there’s actually a freebie related to this calamity.

AT&T and Verizon are both offering free long distance calls and texts to Japan for the next few weeks. AT&T is offering free calls and texts from the US until March 31 while Verizon is doing the same through April 10.

Chances are if you’re making calls and texts to Japan, then you know somebody there. Google has set up a Crisis Response page that includes a free “people tracker” tool for locating missing loved ones. I hope that no Hiffer has to use it, but it’s there if needed.

[thanks Sample Stuff.]

  • obsessed ob/cc

    What a decent thing for Verizon & AT&T to do. I have no need for this offer, but I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated by those who do.

  • Jennifer

    :( I am on Sprint and know two people over there I would love to hear their voice. Don’t know if they have electricity back, so keeping things brief.

  • Shauna

    I have no need for this but I’m glad that some companies are stepping up and helping in some way.

  • Well said Goob. Nicely put.

  • Ana S.

    I’m sure this will be a blessing for someone, thank you for posting it.

  • ashley

    thank you so much for posting this. my best friend lives in tokyo and i’ve only been able to communicate with him via emails since he has no internet (We skype talk) i miss his voice and this is the best thing ever!

  • Kayla

    Bless the ones that have some contact with Japan, living there, relatives, friends. This post will help dearly with everyone. (:

  • heratyc

    One of the best ones yet, thankfully I won’t have to use it as the family I had over there returned home before this happened, but it’s still great that they’re doing this and it’s just as great that you posted it. I’ll say thank you anyway even though I’m lucky enough not to need it.

  • MotownFreebie

    Don’t have ATT or Verizon phone service but have AT&T U-Verse and they are offering free access to TV- Japan or NHK until Thursday. Have been to Japan and almost all in my innermost circle have been touched by Japan in some way over the years. So hate what is happening.

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Sprint is also offering free calls and texts calls to Japan until April 10th.

  • moostermiley

    Thanks bud … you are the best …

  • CouponMom

    Thanks! We were finally able to reach our family there-everyone is safe! Now we can stay in touch with them for free for a while.

  • It is a great idea of free calls to Japan

  • ashley

    i tried calling, but apparently the huge catch is that you have to already have some sort of long distance calling plan. im annoyed now

  • Hannah

    this is great.

  • Tally

    Thanks Goob. I’ve shared this information. We spent a frantic 2 weeks trying to locate my brother after hurricane Ike when we weren’t allowed back on the island. He refused to leave. I know how they feel. This is sooooo much worse than our hurricane.

  • kiel

    Thanks for posting this. This is a really good idea to contact family members, relatives and friends.

  • Sherry