Free Eco Bag

It seems that a lot more companies are trying to do away with plastic bags. Yup, they don’t want to give us that wonderful freebee that we can conveniently pack our lunch in, use to take care of doggie doo, line trashcans, or glue into Jimmy Hoffa statues.

Needless to say, I guess I’d better skip getting this free Eco-bag from Sun Microsystems myself if I really want to finish my plastic bag statue. Course, I would need more glue soon too…

[via the forums]

  • Goob

    Laura, I looked around to see if this was a legit site before Adam posted it and I couldn’t find anything saying otherwise. That’s odd that your program has it flagged.

  • Laura

    My internet security program blocked me from sending info to above offer, stated it was a dangerous site…

  • Beck

    Did I understand right and a representative from the company will call me?

  • Goob

    Your information has been received, and a representative will contact you shortly.

    That’s the message I got. Usually that means they’ll send you an e-mail. In the future, feel free to leave a wonky phone number in case you’re worried they might call.

    If they do call me, I plan on telling them I want a free bag because I like freebies 😀

  • Bev

    It said a representative would call shortly.

  • Beck

    Why would a representative call? To find out why I want a free bag…. or what are we supposed to answer….

  • Kellie

    According to the folks over at Fat Wallet ( this one is spam. Boo to spammers and their diabolical ways!

  • Patti

    I tried to request this and it tells me I have to be a state or local government technologists and it wants the agency your affiliated with. It would not accept without the information.

  • richard zbieg

    thank you

  • Elizabeth

    It said I had to work with a gov. agency in order to get it. Why? Is it top secret?

  • Sue

    I got the same response of I have to work with a government agency