Free Ink Pen

EDIT: Looks like they got Hiffed overnight.

Pens just disappear around my work. I’ve learned that if I have a good pen, I need to hold onto it. And that’s why I sign and do almost everything with a red pen, because that way, noone can steal it and claim it as their own. Yup, only I use a red pen.

So I hope that this free ink pen is a red pen. Otherwise? I might have to put a tracking device on it to see which of my associates ends up with it…

  • Joy

    um…i made up a company.

    Fingers crossed!

  • DYH

    Hey, me too.

  • shannon

    Yep… DITTO 4 me!

  • Marvin

    Awesome, I love pens!

  • In 2 A Circle

    I only used purple or green ink pens in high school. Then I went gothic and only use black ink.

  • Dan

    Link doesn’t work for me. Anyone else having trouble?

  • mxmvlcty

    not working for me either :(

  • Debbie

    “Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, we are no longer able to offer the free Brooks Bell Interactive pen. “

  • Sonia

    I get to the link, put in my info and it keeps saying “oops!!! Let’s try again!!!” It does not say what is wrong with the info So it is not working for me either

  • Linda

    not me either

  • Denise

    cant get a link,it says address is wrong or doesnt exist any more…..

  • JDub

    I got the pen just like 1/2 hour ago and it’s 9:01 central time here

  • monica

    nope link wont work for me either its a shame i really wanted that pen lol!

  • dre

    No more free pens to be given away.

  • Karla

    Due to overwhelming demand…blah blah blah lol 9:00 a.m. Central is dead!

  • corey

    this link dosen’t work for me. i hope nobody else is having trouble.

  • Judy

    Won’t let me in!!!

  • joe baker

    link isn’t working for me either @ 10:38 edt

  • Ana Maria

    It’s not working for me either

  • Lesley

    Didn’t work for me either – kept getting the “Oops” message.

  • jamey

    not working! bummer!

  • John

    not working, page not loading

  • beezee

    not working anymore

  • Margie

    I guess they aren’t giving away any more free pens.

  • Michelle

    I got this message

    Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, we are no longer able to offer the free Brooks Bell Interactive pen.

  • dianne

    Link not working for me either :( :(

  • Connie

    Link will not work for me either

  • DES


  • Nancy

    Link not available

  • LiLi

    I usually only use red pens at work for that same purpose.

    Back in college I only used purple pens so that my friends couldn’t steal them either =)

  • Sue

    No link – no pen!

  • lynda

    link not available

  • barb

    link doesn’t work for me either:(

  • I have a feeling this was a freebie we found before the company was set to release it, hence why it went down once business hours came around this morning.

    I wish they’d set up a simply “sorry” page instead of giving people a Page Not Found error.

  • Judy Knipfer

    Can’t get the pen ….It says page can’t be found. I’ve tried several times…

  • Betty

    Let me in but they were not free. Couldn’t believe the prices.

  • Becky

    I wonder if the people that got in before they took it down will get the pen????

  • Link does not work for me?

  • sharon

    all gone

  • jeremy

    ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a ha ha hah ah ah aha aha aaha ajaha

  • Don

    Have problem getting the “free” pen…cant get me to the page or something. I would like the free pen if at all possible.

    Thanks…Happy Holidays even if I can’t get the pen.

  • Don

    I think it’s like other “free” pens – a come on because I’ve never been able to get to the page and have never seen where anyone did get one – always a problem with the site. When I did get through, they have never shown up – a good gimmick! I like to try the pen before I spend the money to order.