Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

This freebie from earlier this year has returned!

The free 2-year Rolling Stone magazine subscriptions from RewardsGold is back. It was pretty popular back in April, but I know some Hiffers missed it, so better luck this time. If you miss it again today, try squinting really hard and reading the magazine covers above until this offer comes back. It’s like the next best thing.

  • HollyL


  • I just ordered it. No CC info, had to answer a few questions and do a couple 25 word reviews (about 6) but it adds up to 3200 points and the sub is only 3000 points. However, its a year and a half now but still free! Thanks

  • Deb

    It’s for a year and a half instead of 2 years. That seems strange. I already get this magazine so hopefully they will just continue it when my current subscription ends. Thanks Goob!

  • Pandabu

    Yay!! I got this one :) I’m already getting the Martha Stewart magazine from them, love it! Thanks, Goob!

  • Thanks for posting this one!

  • I got my first issue much sooner than expected. Thanks Goob!

  • Marilyn Bachman

    Got it! Hopefully it will be added to my current freebie subscription.

  • Allyson

    FYI – looks like it’s back to an 18-month subscription.

  • Allyson

    In reference to my below comment…
    ***Not that I’m complaining! I’m happy to take 18 months for free!***

  • Justin

    Okay, great freebie goob. I appreciate it. In the past I had a free subscription that I had also received from this site. After they printed the boston bomber glamour issue I called and cancelled my free subscription to this rag of a magazine. They claimed they had to write an article like that because they stick to the highest standards of journalism, then about a year later publish a complete unsubstantiated article about Phi Kappa Phi. Apparently they only care about journalistic integrity when it comes to giving terrorists celebrity treatment. Screw Rolling Stone.

  • Kate

    They also had a free Good Housekeeping! Thanks Goob!

  • Sabrina Brannon

    I’m new and there does not seem to be anything current or I do not know what I am doing

  • Jay Skinner

    LOL — 26 issues a year for 50 years and you have 2 complaints. To quote Trump: you’re a loser.