Free Seventeen Magazine Subscription

Free Seventeen Magazine Subscription

With my recent move, I’ve been presented with a unique challenge – How do I continue signing up for items like this free Seventeen magazine subscription without having multiple conversations with my new neighbors that start and end with “oh, uh, this isn’t mine…” I didn’t think about this the last time I moved and it led to a lot of awkward neighborhood BBQs.

  • Bobbi Stewart

    Just bought Stone Temple Pilot tickets!!! LOVE them! Its going to be a great summer!



  • tiffany88

    all gone.

  • Matthew Pendergast


  • Denise

    Sooo frustrating, took a stupid long soap survey, and they’re all gone :(

  • janescatcrap

    no longer available but they didn’t tell me that until AFTER I filled out their survey.  got  Newsweek instead, but had to do another survey.

  • Jennifer Rios

    No longer available

  • angela427

    thanks for this. got maxim for a year instead. lol 

  • CouponDiva

    Its dead… but I was offered affar magazine, cigar afficendo, wall street journal (already have), news week and forbes. 

  • ALH

    HIF got a few shout outs on ABC’s Philadelphia area newscast today at 4:00. Woo hoo! 

  • Sara Muir

    hey goob, i was wondering what you did with all of your magazines? do you donate them or anything?

  • Aimee

    @ Sara Muir: I’m bringing my magazines to my local hospital. In this area, the Dept of Radiology and Oncology at Clara Mass really appreciates reading materials for patients who want to read something during lengthy cancer treatments. Maybe your local hospital would also appreciate them?

  • Hey, It’s Free!

    Sara Muir, I either give them to friends/family or recycle them.

  • Lis Ke

    I agree, Goob. Too many times I have gone into doctor’s offices and found magazines a year or more old. I always take my magazines there after I have read them. I love all of the magazines you provide. Love’n the Wall Street Journal too. I always find something in there that intrigues me.

  • boodroswife

    @HeyItsFree I want this

  • EmilyHarlow

    This reward is no longer available.