People. Let IE6 Die, Please!

In the process of creating a new design for my personal website this month, I realized that it didn’t really looks all that spiffy in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). In fact, it looked abysmal. But I thought “oh screw it, only 2% of my readers are still using IE6…but what about over on HIF?”

So I logged into my stat tracking software and proceeded to have a massive stroke. 20% of y’all are still using a browser that hasn’t been updated in almost two years. That’s 14 dog years or 90 gazillion technology years. IE6 is like a horse-and-buggy. Why ride around in that when you can drive a car? It’s slow, it makes websites look weird (like HIF!), and most importantly, it’s rarely updated. So if a new security exploit is found tomorrow, sucks for you, because Microsoft isn’t patching it anytime soon.

There are far better alternatives. There’s Internet Explorer 7, which has been out for almost two years. It’s made by Microsoft, has the same feel as IE6, and comes with far better security. At the absolute least, you should upgrade to that. Heck, IE8 is already out in beta.

Then again, I’d suggest skipping over IE entirely and going straight to Firefox. I know, it has a weird and possibly even intimidating name, but I promise it doesn’t bite. Firefox is like the filet mignon of internet browsers, while IE6 is the Slim Jim. It’s easier to use, much more secure, and all-around better. When you install it for the first time, it even has a little step-by-step tool that will bring all of your bookmarks and favorite links over into Firefox from IE.

I know some of you are forced to use crappy browsers, either by your workpalce or maybe school. But if you haven’t upgraded simply because you’re afraid, then now’s the time to do it. Before long, old browsers won’t even work as more and more websites stop coding for them.

So please, join me in allowing IE6 to die the peaceful death it deserves.

Firefox 3

  • Suaveydavey

    Do I have to give up my Netscape???

  • Hahahaha oh man. I sadly can fully agree with you, but I have to throw in one caveat: some people may be using an older computer that might not best support one of them.

    Like me, when I’m on my old backup laptop that’s running Windows 98SE, like now. So when you see that someone accessed HIF with Internet Explorer 5.5? You know its me. :D

    But yeah, in all seriousness, if you can use a better browser, you should go with one: be it Opera, Safari, Firefox, or IE7. The securities are much better and the browsers are just all around better browsers. If your computer doesn’t support a better browser? Make sure that yours is updates as much as it can be to ensure that your computer is secure.

    Now, Goob, you’ve inspired me to start viewing the site on my laptop just so you can keep seeing IE 5.5 pop up… :D

  • shaynon

    you have converted me, thank you!

  • Doyle

    Your statistics might be lying to you.

    I use a program that filters internet traffic for me. (Great for blocking popups and ads on all websites). I’ve got it set to identify my browser as IE6, even though thats not what I’m using.

  • @Adam That is unnecessary cruelty :D

    If not Firefox 3, then Firefox 2 makes a fine substitution. Win98 is on the supported list

  • Froggie

    At least I know how to post freebies! Maybe I”ll learn the rest of it someday.

  • @ Vincent Woo: I would, but the computer just won’t have it. Seriously. I was trying to even go older than that and use FF1.5, but because it only has 32 meg of RAM and its only running at 233mhz, anything else and it just freaks out. Even on a fast internet connection like that what we have at our apartment, it doesn’t like even running one tab, much less more than that. IE 5.5 is the highest stable browser that it allows and runs smoothly.

    Its an adventure running it, and its made a good computer for when I needed it here or there, but even still? I prefer my desktop. That’s a “last resort” style of system for me to use… haha.

  • Jacob

    I’m not 100% sure what we use (haven’t updated in awile) but it useses the tab system… anywho…. if we are using IE6 it works extremely well.

  • If it has tabs, then it’s not IE6, so you’re in the clear :D

  • Jacob

    Ok thankss :-)

  • Donna, you have my deepest sympathies :)

  • Donna

    Yeah, i’m one of those po’ folk that have Windows ME and can’t upgrade. Someday!

  • Donna

    aww, thanks! feel free to send flowers! ;) lol

  • Firefox is like the filet mignon of internet browsers, while IE6 is the Slim Jim.

    I always thought it was more like a Vienna Sausage.

  • Jacob

    I dont like firefox that much… I just downloaded it and its not all that amazing… The IE with tabs works MUCH better then firefox… luckily I have both.